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Dr. Ann Dulhanty

Dulhanty, Ann


Assistant Professor


BSc, PhD


TRS 1-044


416-979-5000 ext. 2553

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Ann Dulhanty

Ann brings a healthy variety of career and teaching experiences to Ryerson's entrepreneurship and strategy programs. The theme that ties all of here experience together is the intersection of new technology and business, and their impact on society. From research origins in Medical Biophysics, which focused on human genetics and novel cancer therapies, she moved to the world of business, beginning in investment banking, a health charity, technology transfer and her own business, where she advised startup inventors on business strategy. She has taught business strategy, business ethics and entrepreneurship courses at three different Canadian universities previously.

Her current scholarly interests focus on case writing and she is preparing a strategy case on the wine industry and a case on information management in social media firms. Ann is also an avid blogger, commenting on many aspects of the business use of technology and trends in entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Research Interests:

Evolution of entrepreneurship, impacts of new technology

Position Currently Held:

Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship Research Institute

Research and Professional Contributions
Peer Reviewed Publications
A. Dulhanty (2017) 'Google Inc/Alphabet Inc. Privacy in the Business of Personal Information' Sage Business Cases Sage Publishing
A. Dulhanty and C. Vibert (2009) Perceptions of the Knowledge-base economy in executives from selected industries: assessment by grounded theory Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Annual Meeting Proceedings
A. Dulhanty and C. Vibert (2007) Challenges Encountered on the Path to Commercialization: The Case of the Acadia Management Interview Series Video Database Proceedings of the Atlantic School of Business Conference
BUS800 - Strategic Management
ENT526 - Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Strategy
ENT500 - New Venture Creation
ENT726 - Creating a Business Plan
Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto
BSc Biology and Physics, University of Toronto

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