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Dave Valliere

Valliere, Dave




BASc, MEng, PhD




416-979-5000 X 7603

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Dave Valliere

Dr. Dave Valliere is a professor of entrepreneurship and business strategy at the Ted Rogers School of Management, and the Founder of the Entrepreneurship Research Institute at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Valliere teaches award-winning courses in technology commercialization, business model development, and entrepreneurial finance. His research is published in high-quality journals like Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, and Venture Capital. Prior to joining academia he has worked as a software and telecom engineer, an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, a commercial banker, and a venture capitalist. With over 30 years of experience in industry, and graduate degrees in both business and engineering, Dr. Valliere brings a very broad perspective to the challenges of funding the launch and growth of technology-based new ventures.



Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Research Interests

Entrepreneurship, Incubators and Venture Finance, Culture and Cognitive Psychology of Entrepreneurship.

Research and Professional Contributions

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journals:

Nicholls-Nixon, C., Valliere, D., Gedeon, S.A. and Wise, S. (2020) “Entrepreneurial ecosystems and the lifecycle of university business incubators: an integrative case study”, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, online
Valliere, D. and Hassannezhad, Z. (2019) “Mindfulness, creativity, and novelty production of entrepreneurs”, Kindai Management Review, 7: 20-28.
Valliere, D. (2017) “Belief patterns of entrepreneurship: exploring cross-cultural logics”, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, 23(2): 245-266.
Valliere, D. (2017) “Multidimensional entrepreneurial intent: an internationally validated measurement approach”, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, 23(1), 59-77
Valliere, D., (2015) “Entrepreneurial sensegiving and the attention contract”, International Entrepreneurial Management Journal, 11(1): 77-94.
Valliere, D., (2014) “Entrepreneurial desirability and intent among youth in Bhutan”, Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, 8(1): 65-78.
Wise, S. and Valliere, D., (2014) “The impact on management experience on the performance of startups within accelerators”, Journal of Private Equity, 18(1): 1-11.
Valliere, D., Gedeon, S. and Wise, S., (2014) “A comprehensive framework for entrepreneurship education”, Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, 26(1): 89-120.
Valliere, D., (2013) “Towards a schematic theory of entrepreneurial alertness”, Journal of Business Venturing, 28(3): 430-432.

Selected Conferences and Invited Talks:

“VC from the Inside”, IIT-Madras, Chennai IN, 2015.
“Educating Entrepreneurs”, National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Noida IN, 2015.
“Mathematical models in entrepreneurship research”, African Institute of Mathematical Science, Limbe CM, 2014.
Valliere, D., “An effectuation measure of entrepreneurial intent”, IICIES 6, Denpasar, 2014.
Valliere D., “Entrepreneurial alertness: turning innovation into economic benefit”, ICEIRD, Ohrid, 2011.

Selected Other Reports:

Davis, C., Valliere, D., Lin, H. and Wolff, N. (2014) “Driving wealth creation & social development in Ontario: 2013 GEM Ontario report”, Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, London UK, The Centre for Innovation Studies, Calgary, Entrepreneurship Research Institute, Toronto.
Valliere, D. (2012) “Entrepreneurial Bhutan: creating an entrepreneurial culture and supporting ecosystem in the Kingdom of Bhutan”, Entrepreneurship Research Institute report #2012-37-1, Ryerson University, Toronto.

Graduate Courses:

DG8004 Digital Medial Entrepreneurship
MT8215 Finance and Technology Valuation
MT8601 Research and Communication for Startups
MT8809 Venture Planning and Finance
MT8810 Product Development and Commercialization
MT8811 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate Courses:

ENT511 Funding New Ventures
ENT526 Entrepreneurial Behaviours
ENT527 Studies in Entrepreneurship
ENT727 Independent Research
ENT730 Entrepreneurial Organizational Appraisal 1
ENT830 Entrepreneurial Organizational Appraisal 2
BUS800 Business Strategy
GMS200 Introduction to Management
Honours & Awards
2018 Best Paper Award, ICCI, Osaka
2014 Best Paper Award, 6th IICIES Conference, 2014
2014 Senior Award, Coller Institute of Venture, Tel Aviv University
2012 Dean’s Scholarly Research and Creative Award, Ryerson University
Research Funding
2018 SSHRC Insight Development Grant
2014 Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Research Partnership Development
2014 TRSM, Internal Research Grant
Frequent media commentator on CBC, CTV, CP24, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Business

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