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Neil Wolff

Wolff, Neil


Assistant Professor


Bcomm., MBA


TRS 3-085


416-979-5000 x 2678

Email Address:


Neil Wolff



Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Select Research and Professional Contributions
2004 Member Canadian Council for Small Business
2003-Present Ryerson University Business Council
2003-Present Ryerson University Entrepreneurship DAC
2003 Member of ACAC
2002-2003 Entrepreneurship Area, preparing for Ryerson University Major application and running the Business Plan Competition.
2001 Member, Future Entrepreneurs Committee for the Ministry of Economic Development & Trade (developing content and training manuals for teachers to provide entrepreneurship education to elementary students in Ontario)
2000-Present Member, Canadian Youth Business Foundation’s Toronto Loan Approval Committee
Undergraduate Courses Taught
2005  MGT 200, Introduction to Management Ryerson University
2004  MGT 100, Foundation of Management Ryerson University
2003  ENT 601, Identifying Opportunities Ryerson University
2001-2003 BUS 800, Strategic Management,  ENT 500, New Venture Start-Up Ryerson University
2000  ENT500, New Venture Start-Up, ENY500, New Venture Start-Up Ryerson University
2000-2005 Strategic Management, York University, Toronto
Undergraduate Course Development
2004 BUS 800, Revamped, updated BUS 800 Strategic Management
2003 MGT 100, Redeveloped (new prep) to effectively suit a large class (+400 students) environment.
2003 BUS 800, Adopted new book and developed new course outline for Strategic Management.
2002 ENT 601, ENT 501, ENT 730, ENT 830, Developed Opportunity Identification, Family Business & Appraisal in Entrepreneurial Organization 1 & 2 for Entrepreneurship Major.
Professional Affiliations
2004  Search Committee, (Associate Director of Student Affairs)
2003  Business Council , Area Representative
2002  DAC for Entrepreneurship
2001-2002  Dean’s Strategic Advisory Committee
2000-2003 Innovation Curriculum Committee
1998-2003 Business Alumni Association of Ryerson University

Other Faculty Members