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Boza Tasic

Tasic, Boza


Assistant Professor


MSc , PhD




416-979-5000 x 2454

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Boza Tasic

Dr. Boza Tasic is currently an Assistant Professor in Global Management Studies at the Ted Rogers School of Management. He joined Ryerson University in 2006 as an assistant professor in the mathematics department. He taught calculus and linear algebra courses for engineering and science students as well as mathematics for economics. During the period 2010-2013 he was the coordinator of the Math Centre at Ryerson. One part of his role as the coordinator was developing online teaching tools and systems for assessment and data capturing. He designed interactive basic math modules for all five faculties. Another part of his role was introducing an academic peer support model known as FA-ST (Facilitated study) to the first year engineering math courses. He joined the Ted Rogers School of Management in 2013. He teaches QMS (quantitative methods) courses at the Ted Rogers School of Management. His research interest is in universal algebra and mathematical logic. He has been a member of the Yeats School of Graduate Studies since 2007. He was nominated for TVO’s Best Lecturer in 2010.


Global Management Studies

Research Interests

Mathematics, Abstract and Universal Algebra, Mathematical Logic.

Select Research and Professional Contributions

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Tasic B.  "Operator Properties of Congruence Permutable Varitie with Strongly Definable Principal Congruences", Algebra Universalis, to appear (2015).
Tasic B. "On the Partially Ordered Monoid Generated by the Operators H, S, Pu, Pf  Algebra Universalis, 62 (2010) 351-365.
Lawrence J., Tasic B.  “H S P ¹S H P S for Commutative Rings with Identity",  Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, Vol 134, No 4 (2006) 943-948.
Tasic B.  "A Note on Homomorphic Images, Subalgebras and Various Products", Algebra Universalis, 52 (2004) 431-438.
Tasic B. "On the Partially Ordered Monoid Generated by the Class Operators H , S , P , Ps ",  Journal of Algebra,  245 No1 (2001) 1-19.
Masulovic D., Tasic B. "Operators on Classes of Coalgebras",  Theoretical Computer Science, 269 No1-2 (2001) 419-431.
Tasic B, "Partially Ordered Monoids Generated by the H, S, P and H, S, Pf  are Isomorphic, Semigroup Forum, 62 (2001) 485-490.
Madarasz Sz. R., Tasic B. "On the Partially Ordered Semigroup Generated by the Class Operators I , R, H, S, P", Order, 18 (2001) 49-60.
Madarasz Sz. R., Masulovic D., Tasic B., "Strong Retracts of Unary Algebras", Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal, 51 (126) (2001) 205-212.
Stojakovic Z., Tasic B. "A Generalization of Schroder Quasigroups” Utilitas Mathematica, 58 (2000) 225-235.
Invited Speaker
Mathematical Seminar at the Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany, February 1999.
Conference Talks
Algebras and Clones, July 2014, Prague, Czech Republic
Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra 78, June 2009, Bern, Switzerland.
Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra 74, June 2007, Tampere, Finland.
Logic Colloquium, July 2004, Torino, Italy.
Canadian Mathematical Society, Winter Meeting December 2003, Vancouver, Canada.
Lattices, Universal Algebra and Applications , May 2003, Lisbon, Portugal.
Conference on Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory, July 2002, Szeged, Hungary
963 AMS Meeting, March 2001, Columbia, South Carolina, USA.
Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra 61, February 2001, Darmstadt, Germany.
6th Barcelona Logic Meetings, July 2000, Barcelona, Spain.
Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra 60, June 2000, Dresden, Germany.
LUATCS99 (First South African Summer School and Workshop on Logic, Universal Algebra and Theoretical Computer Science), December 1999,Johanesbourgh, South Africa.
Conference in Algebra, August 1999, Budapest, Hungary.
Ordered Sets, July 1999, Warsaw, Poland.
Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra 57, February 1999 Potsdam, Germany.
Summer School on General Algebra and Ordered Sets, August 1998, Milonov, Czech Republic.
VIII International Conference of Algebra and Logic, September 1998, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.
Ryerson University
Calculus I (MTH140); fall 2006, winter 2007, fall 2007, fall 2008, winter 2011. 
Calculus II (MTH240); winter 2008, winter 2009, winter 2010, winter 2011, winter 2012, spring 2012.
Linear Algebra (MTH141); fall 2006, winter 2007, winter 2008, fall 2008, fall 2009, winter 2010, fall 2010, fall 2012.
Modern Mathematics I (MTH131) Elementary introduction to calculus and linear algebra for science students; fall 2007.
Modern Mathematics II (MTH231) Advanced calculus and linear algebra for science students; winter 2007, summer 2007, winter 2008, winter 2009.
Introduction to Mathematics for Economists (MTH189) Elementary introduction to calculus and linear algebra for economics students; fall 2008, fall 2009, fall 2010, fall 2011, winter 2012, fall 2012, winter 2013. 
Business Statistics I (QMS 102) Introduction to Statistics for business students; fall 2013, fall 2014.
Business Statistics II (QMS 202) Intermediate Statistics for business students; winter 2014, winter 2015.
University of Waterloo
Algebra for Honors Mathematics (MATH 135); fall 2002, winter 2003, fall 2003.
Applied Linear Algebra 1 (MATH 125); spring 2003, spring 2004.
Introduction to Group Theory (PMATH 336); winter 2004.
Introduction to Mathematical Logic (PMATH 330); winter 2006.
Elementary Number Theory (PMATH 340) ; winter 2006.
Honours & Awards
Nominated for TVO's Best Lecturer Competition by students for the 2010 title.
TRSM Start up Grant: amount awarded $10,000. Period 2013/18.
OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship): amount awarded $15,000. Period held: 2003/04. Canada.
OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship): amount awarded $15,000. Period held: 2001/02. Canada.
University of Waterloo Thesis Completion Award: amount awarded $5,000. Period held: 2005. Canada.
University of Waterloo Entrance Award: amount awarded $3,000. Period held: 2000. Canada.

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