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Henrique Correa da Cunha

Correa da Cunha, Henrique


Assistant Professor




TRS 1-123


416-979-5000 x 6738

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Dr. Henrique Correa da Cunha

Dr. Henrique Correa da Cunha is an Assistant Professor in the Global Management Studies program at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. He has several years of working experience in large multinational firms in Brazil and since 2009 has been coordinating and teaching undergraduate and MBA courses. Henrique holds a BSBA from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA, an MBA from HULT International Business School in Boston, MA, USA, Academic Masters in Business Administration from Universidade Regional de Blumenau (FURB), Brazil, and a PhD in Business Administration and Management Accounting from FURB, Brazil, and PhD in Innovation Sciences from Halmstad University, Sweden.

His research focuses on how culture and formal institutions affect the internationalization of multinational firms in Latin America. In 2019 received the Best PhD Dissertation Paper award at the 16th SGBED conference, in 2018 was nominated for AIB-Lat 2018 best papers and in 2015 nominated for best student reviewer at the AIB-SE conference. He also received a full International MBA Scholarship from Bunge Alimentos in 2007/2008 and was awarded Best Business Plan at the Action Learning Project by OSRAM Sylvania in 2008.


Global Management Studies

Research Interests

International Business, Cross-cultural management, Emerging Markets, Latin America

Select Research and Professional Contributions
Correa da Cunha, H.; Amal, M.; Floriani, D. E.; Andersson, S. Institutional Distance moderating effects on Cultural Distance and performance relationship: Asymmetry of distance and the case of foreign multinational subsidiaries in Latin America. AIB Annual Meeting. Copenhagen, Denmark. Proceedings, 2019.
Correa da Cunha, H.; Andersson, S.; Amal, M.; Floriani, D.E.; Gomes, G. Are we talking about country profile or distance? The 16th International Conference of the Society for Global Business & Economic Development (SGBED), São Paulo, SP, Brazil, Proceedings, 2019.
Work in Progress
Correa da Cunha, H.; Farrell, C.; Andersson, S.; Amal, M.; Floriani, D.E. “The asymmetry of cultural distance and the performance of foreign subsidiaries in Latin America"
Correa da Cunha, H.; Floriani, D. E.; Amal, M.; Fleury, M. T. L. “Home country institutions and the Internationalization and Performance relationship of Brazilian firms”
Correa da Cunha, H.; Andersson, S.; Amal, M.; Floriani, D.E.; Gomes, G. “Are we talking about country profile or distance?”
Correa da Cunha, H.; Floriani, D.E.; Amal, M.; Andersson, S. “Formal institutional distance moderating effects on cultural cistance and performance relationship: The case of foreign subsidiary firms in Latin America”
Correa da Cunha, H.; Newburry, W.; Amal, M.; Hoeltgebaum, M. “The Effects of Formal and Informal Institutional Distances on the Performance of Multinational Subsidiaries in Brazil”
Correa da Cunha, H.; Amal, M. ; Hein, N. “Home Country and Outward Foreign Direct Investment from Latin America: A TOPSIS Analysis”
GMS 200 Introduction to Global Management
GMS 693 The Latin American and Caribbean Business Environment

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