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Sui Sui

Sui Sui


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TRS 1-090


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Sui, Sui

Dr. Sui Sui is an Associate Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. Her research focuses on understanding the internationalization of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Some of this has studied how different internationalization strategies, internal resources, and inter-organizational factors influence firm survival and growth. Some has focused on how immigrant and women ownership influences entrepreneurial firms' innovation, internationalization and financial performance. She has published in the most prestigious Financial Times Top 50 academic journals such as International Business Studies, Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, received numerous research grants and awards, and is an Associate Editor for the journal of Multinational Business Review and Transnational Corporations Review.

Dr. Sui's research has a very practical focus and has received frequent coverage in the media, such as the Wall Street Journal, CTV News, and Yahoo Finance. She was invited by the Bank of Canada, Global Affairs Canada, and Canadian Minister of State Small Business and Tourism to participate in roundtable meetings on how to help entrepreneur firms to succeed in the global markets.


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Global Management Studies

Research Interests

International entrepreneurs, immigrant entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, small business internationalization, and export market survival.

Select Research and Professional Contributions

Refereed Journal Articles

Sui, S., Baum, M., & Malhotra, S. (2019) How Home-Peers Affect the Export Market Exit of Small Firms: Evidence from Canadian Exporters, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 43(5) 1018–1045.
Sandberg, S., Sui, S. & Baum, M. (2019) What resources hinder SME export failure? Market experience and moderating effects of firm-specific resources on emerging market exit, Journal of Business Research: 98: 489-502.
Morgan, Horatio, Sui, Sui, & Baum, Matthias (2018) Are SMEs with immigrant owners exceptional exporters?” Journal of Business Venturing, 33(3): 241-260.
Sui, S., Morgan, H. & Baum, M. (2015) Liability of Outsidership and Internationalization of Immigrant-Owned SMEs: The Role of Language, Journal of World Business, 50(4): 804–814.
Sui, S. & Baum, M. (2014) Internationalization Strategy, Firm Resources and the Survival of SMEs in the Export Market, Journal of International Business Studies, 45(7): 821–841.
Sui, S. & Yu, Z. (2013) The Dynamics of Expansion to Emerging Markets: Evidence from Canadian Exporters, Review of Development Economics, 17(3): 510–522.
Sui, S., Yu, Z., & Baum, M. (2012) Prevalence and longitudinal trends of early internationalisation patterns among Canadian SMEs, International Marketing Review, 29(5): 519 – 535.
Sui, S. & Yu, Z. (2012) The Pattern of Foreign Market Entry of Canadian Exporters, Canadian Public Policy, 38(3): 341-359.


Sui, Sui & Morgan, Horatio (2014) “Selling Beyond the US: Do Recent Immigrants Advance Canada’s  Export Promotion Agenda?” Global Commerce Centre, Conference Board of Canada.
Sui, Sui & Goldfarb, Danielle (2014) “Not For Beginners: Should SMEs Go to Fast-Growth Markets?” Global Commerce Centre, Conference Board of Canada, Publication 5936.
Goldfarb, Danielle & Sui, Sui, “Business ‘beginners’ should stay out of developing countries: study,” The Globe and Mail, February 6, 2014.
Chapters in Books

Sui, S. & Tapp, S. (2016) Going global: How can we increase Canadian SME trade and engagement with emerging markets? In Stephen Tapp, Ari Van Assche & Robert Wolfe. Redesigning Canadian Trade Policies for New Global Realities, Volume VI: 1-37.

*This book has won the 2018 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize for highly significant written contribution to Canadian economic policy.

GMS 200 Introduction to Global Management
GMS 402 Introduction to Managerial Economics
CZIB100 Practicum in International Business
MT8750 Special Topics in International Entrepreneurship
MT8901 Directed Reading: Global Management Studies
Honours & Awards
Year Honours / Awards
2020 Best Papers Award, Academy of Management Conference
2019 Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) Research Recognition Awards
2018 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize for highly significant written contribution to Canadian economic policy
2015 Ryerson University Dean’s Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Award
2015 Best Reviewer Award, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
2015 Best Papers Award, Academy of Management Conference
2013 Finalist for the Most Promising Scholar at the Academy of International Business Conference
2012 Best Papers in Conference Proceedings, Academy of International Business Southeast USA Conference
Research Funding
Year Research Funding
2019 RBC Immigrant, Diversity and Inclusion Project $50,000 Principal Investigator
2019 Ryerson Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Explore Grant Competition $7,000 Co-investigator
2018 Ryerson SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG)   $7,000 Principal Investigator
2017 Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) Research Development Grant $7,000 Principal Investigator
SSHRC Insight Development Grant $42,000 Co-investigator
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Immigrant, Diversity & Inclusion Research Grant   $10,000 Co-investigator
Ryerson SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG)   $7,000 Co-investigator
SSHRC Insight Development Grant   4A - Recommended but not funded
RBC Immigrant, Diversity & Inclusion Research Grant $3,000 Principal Investigator
Ryerson SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG)   $7,000 Sole Principal Investigator)
Ted Rogers School of Management Internal SRC Grant   $7,000 Co-investigator
Graduate Thesis Supervisions
Year Graduate Thesis
2019 Xin Liu, “Study on Diversification of Listed Real Estate Companies in China from the Perspective of Corporate Finance”, DBA Thesis Supervision, 2019.
2019 Ziren Wang, "Small Companies and Value Capture from Their Intellectual Properties: a Qualitative Study",  MScM Thesis Co-supervision, 2019.
2019 Xiaojing Wang, "How Do Gender and Immigrant Background Affect a Company Owner's Decision to Engage in Direct or Indirect Exporting",  MScM Thesis Co-supervision, 2019.
2016 John Maragoudakis, “The Effects of Minimum Wage on Manufacturing Employment in Canada”, MBA Thesis Supervision, 2016.
2013 Santiago Jose Sanchez-Paez, "From Niche to Mainstream: Can Distribution Strategies Transform the Organic Market?" MBA Thesis Supervision, 2013.

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