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Michael Baumtrog

Baumtrog, Michael


Assistant Professor


Ph.D, MA, BA (H)




416-979-5000 x 6723

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Michael Baumtrog

Michael Baumtrog is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Law and Business at the Ted Rogers School of Management. He completed his PhD in philosophy at the New University of Lisbon (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Portugal in 2015, with a specialization in reasoning and ethics. His undergraduate and master’s degrees were completed at the University of Windsor. His current philosophical interest pertain the moral and epistemological status of children in both the social and working worlds, as well as the normative and descriptive construction of argumentation schemes (patterns of reasoning). He works to use both areas of study
to make practical improvements in the real world.


Law & Business

Research Interests

Applied ethics, Practical reasoning, Critical thinking, Social Epistemology

Select Research and Professional Contributions

2018 “Navigating a Necessary Inequality: Children and Knowledge-Based Injustice,” in Social Inequality and the Spectre of Social Justice. C. Fanelli, G. Potter, J. Noonan & J. Essex (Eds.), Alternative Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research Vol 29, pp. 294-306.

2018 “Editor’s Introduction.” Reason and Rhetoric in the Time of Alternative Facts:
Special Issue of Informal Logic, 28 (1).

2018 – “Reasoning and Arguing, Dialectically and Dialogically, Among Individual and
Multiple Participants.” Argumentation, 32(1), pp.77-98.

2017 "Others and Imagination in Reasoning and Argumentation: Improving our Critical Creative Capacity.”  Informal Logic, 37(2), pp. 129-151.  

2016 – “The Willingness to be Rationally Persuaded,” in P. Bondy and L. Benacquista (Eds). Argumentation, Objectivity, and Bias: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation (OSSA), 18-21 May 2016. Windsor, Ontario.

2015 Improving Practical Reasoning and Argumentation. (Dissertation). Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.  

BUS 221 Business Decision-Making
BUS 223 Ethics in Commerce

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