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Joanne Mcneish

McNeish, Joanne


Associate Professor




TRS 1-115


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Dr. Joanne E. McNeish

Joanne's research takes a unique perspective on exploring innovation adoption. While most research focuses on consumers’ reaction to adopting new technologies, her research focuses on their refusal to give up on incumbent (analog) technologies. Rather than identifying users’ intransigence in the face of a replacement innovation as non-adoption, resistance to innovation adoption or status quo behaviour, Joanne identifies and tests the behaviour as resistance to discontinuing an incumbent technology.
Joanne focuses on understanding the attitudes and behavior of simultaneous technology users. She believes that consumers who display simultaneous use behaviour have consciously considered the benefits of both the incumbent and replacement technology. The long-term use of both suggests that they believe that each technology has important benefits that one or the other does not have. When a company attempts to remove the incumbent technology from use, it appears to increase consumers’ distrust of the company.
Joanne has a particular interest in paper documents (e.g. bills and statements, textbooks, flyers, catalogues) as a powerful examples of resilient technologies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she photographed interior and exterior signs used by retailers. Joanne documented how paper signs (mostly 8 1/2x 11 white bond paper) were critical in communicating the new social distancing behaviours to customers. Paper documents are fascinating objects to explore since they are widely available and consumers are very familiar with them. However, until her research, their meaning and function to consumers have been obscured from researchers’ view due to their ubiquity and familiarity.
Prior to joining the Ted Rogers School of Management, Joanne held senior research, marketing and advertising positions in public and private sector companies. In 2002, she was made a Fellow of the Professional Marketing Research Society. The PMRS Fellows program provided deserving recognition to those who have made distinguished contribution to marketing research in Canada. Joanne was one of the youngest candidates and one of only a handful of women to be so honored. In 2010, she received her PhD (Management) from the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University.


Marketing Management

Research Interests

Incumbent (Analog) Technology, Replacement Technology, Simultaneous Use, Resistance to Discontinuing, Paper Documents, Greenwashing, The Cloud, Trust and Distrust, Redundancy, Demarketing, Branding, Advertising, Retail, Banking, Postal Administrations (Canada).

Journal Articles and Academic Presentations
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Other Articles and Media
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Interviewed for Cited, a UBC documentary program about research on the topic of the endurance of personal libraries and their meaning to their owners. December 2015
Honours & Award
Member, Yeates School of Graduate Studies, Ryerson University.
Fellow, Professional Marketing Research Society
Research Funding
Source Title Year
TRSM Research Fund Harnessing the Power of Persuasion for Sustainability: Advertising Agencies and Best Practice Tools   2020-2021
TRSM Innovative Teaching Fund Evaluation of Self-Reflection Ability on Academic Performance in Case Analysis  2016-2017
TRSM Research Fund  
Holding Users Hostage: Data Portability on Social Media and  Cloud-Based Platforms 2016-2017
Pharmaceutical Company Determining the Opportunities for Growth for a New Biopharmaceutical Product 2015
TRSM Research Fund Adoption or Not: It’s Just Not That Simple 2014-2015
Academic Research Assistant Program Exploring Differences in the Use of Off-line and On-line Media by New and Unknown Performers 2013-2014
SSHRC-SIG  Developing an Understanding of Consumers’ Simultaneous Use of The Cloud and Local Storage 2013-2014
 Academic Research Assistant Program Exploring the Resistance to Discontinuing Paper Books for Personal Reading 2012-2013
Academic Research Assistant Program An Exploration of Why And How the Online Experience Does Not Completely Replace the In-Person or Telephone Experience For Online Canadian Citizens 2012
Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund Students' Resistance to Discontinuing Paper Textbooks 2011
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Graduate Supervisions
In addition to classroom teaching, Joanne contributes to the development of future researchers as a supervisor, second reader or thesis committee member for major research papers/theses.

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