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Katie Lebel

Lebel, Katie


Assistant Professor




TRS 3-121


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Dr. Katie Lebel

Dr. Katie Lebel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing Management. Her research is focused in the area of sport marketing, with a particular interest in digital brand management and social media engagement strategies. This work has resulted in several publications as well as consulting opportunities with both athletes and sport organizations.

A former NCAA Division I athlete, Katie earned her PhD at The University of Western Ontario where her dissertation focused on the use of Twitter as a branding tool for professional athletes. She began her academic career at St. John’s University in New York City and joined the TRSM faculty in the fall of 2016. She is currently investigating social media engagement preferences among sport fans and collaborating on research that is exploring the role of social intelligence on sport sponsorship.




Marketing Management

Research Interests

Sport marketing, social media marketing, digital brand management, social media engagement strategies, digital sponsorship

Selected Research and Professional Contributions
Lebel, K., Harman, A., & Pegoraro, A. (Forthcoming). The Impact of Digital Culture on Women in Sport. In Parry, D., Johnson, C., & Fullagar, S. (Eds.), Digital dilemmas: Transforming gender identities and power relations in everyday life. Palgrave Macmillan.                                                                                               
Lebel, K., & Danylchuk, K. (Forthcoming). The Impact of Digital Media in Tennis. In Osborne, C., Lake, R., & Wagg, S.(Eds.), Handbook of Tennis. Routledge.
Lebel, K., Danylchuk, K., & Millar, P. (2015). Social Media as a Learning Tool: Sport Management Faculty Perceptions of Digital Pedagogies. Sport Management Education Journal, 9(1),39-50.
Lebel, K. & Danylchuk, K. (2014). Facing off on Twitter: An Audience Interpretation of Professional Athlete Profile Pictures. International Journal of Sport Communication, 7(3), 317-336.
Lebel, K., & Danylchuk, K. (2014). An Audience Interpretation of Professional Athlete Self-Presentation on Twitter. Journal of Applied Sport Management, 6(2), 16-36.
Lebel, K., & Danylchuk, K. (2012). How Tweet It Is: A Gendered Analysis of Professional Tennis Players’ Self-Presentation on Twitter. International Journal of Sport Communication, 5(4), 461-480.
Lebel, K., & Danylchuk, K. (2009). Generation Y’s Perceptions of Women’s Sport in the Media. International Journal of Sport Communication, 2, 146-163.
Selected Peer-Reviewed Presentations:
Eddy, T., Lebel, K., Reams, L. (2017, May). Assessing the role of stakeholder relationships in the promotion of a major event. Paper presented to the 32nd annual conference of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM), Denver, Colorado.
Lebel, K., & Eddy, T. (2016, June). Digital Sponsor Branding: A Multi-Platform Comparison of the Self-Presentation of Golf Manufacturers. Paper accepted to the 31st annual conference of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM), Orlando, FL.
Lebel, K., & Millar, P. (2016, March). Look to the People! Towards a Deeper Understanding of Digital Engagement. Paper accepted to the 9th annual Summit on Communication and Sport (IACS), Grand Rapids, MI.
Lebel, K., & Aichen, R. (2016, March). A New Frontier: Challenges in Social Media Management. Paper accepted to the 9th annual Summit on Communication and Sport (IACS), Grand Rapids, MI.
Blaszka, M., Lebel, K., & Eddy, T. (2016, March). Show Don’t Tell: How Golf Manufacturers are Using Digital to Express their Personality. Paper accepted to the 9th annual Summit on Communication and Sport (IACS), Grand Rapids, MI.
Aichen, R., Clavio, G., & Lebel, K. (2016, February). What Customers Want: Defining Engagement on Social Media in Sport. Paper accepted to the Global Sport Business Association Conference, Miami, FL.
Eddy, T., Lebel, K., & Cork, C. (2016, February). An Investigation of the Impact of Sponsor Activation on Twitter. Paper accepted to the American Marketing Association Winter Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
Lebel, K., Harman, A., & Pegoraro, A. (2015, September). Is All Engagement Good Engagement? A Closer Look at Female Athlete Self-Presentation on Instagram. Paper presented to the 23rd annual conference of the European Association for Sport Management (EASM), Dublin, Ireland.
Lebel, K., Harman, A., & Pegoraro, A. (2015, March). A Closer Look at Likes: What Engaging Content Means for Female Athletes on Instagram. Paper presented to the 8th Summit on Communication and Sport (IACS), Charlotte, NC.
Millar, P., Lebel, K., & Harman, A. (2014, July). Did you see that….picture? The Role of Instagram in the Professional Golf Fan Experience. Paper presented to the Leisure Studies Association conference: Sport, Festivity and Digital Cultures, Glasgow, Scotland.

Refereed Conferences

MKT 100
Principles of Marketing
MKT 828 Sport Marketing Concepts and Strategy

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