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Academic Success

Your Success is our Business!

Take advantage of the wide range of free services that will help you succeed at the School of Business Management, including individual consultations with a learning strategist, writing and English language support, free peer tutoring for selected courses, and academic probation workshops.

The Ted Rogers School of Management Student Services supports all students taking management courses by providing: one on one learning strategy appointments with peers or full-time staff, offers free tutoring and study groups, and connects students to resources that can help them address any barriers they may encounter during their time at TRSM.

Dean's List

The Dean's List recognizes our undergraduate students' high academic achievement in an academic year. In July of each academic year, students enrolled in an undergraduate program at Ryerson University who meet the criteria outlined below will receive a letter of congratulations from the dean and it will also be noted on a student's transcript.



To be eligible for consideration for the Dean’s List, students must:

  • Have an minimum GPA average of 3.50 or higher for the academic year(Fall and Winter terms).
  • Be carrying an average unit load of 4.0 units for the Fall and Winter terms.
  • Have all passing grades and clear academic standing. They cannot have received any Disciplinary Notices (DN) while at Ryerson.

Part-time undergraduate program students

To be eligible for consideration for the Dean’s List, students in part-time programs must have completed a specified number of courses deemed to be the equivalent of a full year of study in the program in which the student is registered.

  • Part-time program students may qualify for Dean’s List honours an equivalent number of times as students enrolled in similar full-time programs.
  • Part-time program students may qualify for Dean’s List honours at the end of any term upon having completed the requisite number of courses.
  • Transcripts for part-time program students will show the Dean’s List honour in the term it is awarded, however it is understood that these students’ names will be published with the names of full-time undergraduate program students (i.e., at the end of winter term).

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Dean's List Recipients

Academic Appeals

At the end of a semester you may decide to file an ACADEMIC APPEAL of a final course grade or academic standing if you believe you were not given academic consideration during the term or something was handled incorrectly at the end of the term.


The formal appeal process is set out in Senate Policy 134 for undergraduate students and Senate Policy 152.


For advice on your appeal, please contact the following:

Academic Consideration Request Instructions

The School of Business Management is committed to promoting academic success and to ensure your academic records ultimately reflect your academic abilities and accomplishments.


Here are the steps to follow for academic consideration requests concerning health issues.


If you are a Business Management student, please complete the following:

  • Have an appropriate qualified regulated health professional complete the Ryerson Student Health Certificate
  • Please complete the Academic Consideration form (online)
  • Submit the ORIGINAL medical documents in person at TRS 1-004 during our office hours (you have three business days from the day you missed your academic obligation to submit your documentation)


Current Students

Contact Information

Students on Academic Probation

Alexander Ruvuza

TRS 1-004

416-979-5000 ext. 3510

Students Required to Withdraw

Joanne Di Bratto

TRS 1-004

416-979-5000 ext. 6708