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Human Resources Management

During your first year at the School of Business Management, you'll acquire the foundational business knowledge that prepares you to specialize in a major.

Major Overview

Acquire the knowledge, critical thinking, and practical skills that will enable you to create organizational effectiveness, lead human resources management strategies, and enhance the human condition at work.

Human Resources Management Majors learn to think critically about the challenges involved in creating high performance workplaces where innovation, diversity and ethical behaviour are valued and rewarded.  HRM/OB Majors are educated in Human Resources Management (HRM), Organizational Behaviour (OB) and Industrial Relations (IR) and can select courses that qualify them for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation and a career in HRM. Students learn about all the major functions of HRM such as recruitment and compensation, and develop OB knowledge and skills in areas such as leadership, interpersonal communication, conflict management, and team building. Experiential learning is stressed in upper level courses through the use of simulated clients, role playing and on-line simulations.

Read more for a completed course list of Human Resources Management curriculum

How You Earn This Degree

Business management students must complete a total of 41 credits which include Required, Required Group or Professional elective, Professionally-Related and Liberal Studies courses.The curriculum provides you with a general overview of business in society, introduces you to all of the basic business functions, and develops awareness of social, human and economic issues through the introduction of the liberal studies.

Part-time Program

The part-time program is offered to accommodate students who intend to take the degree at a slower pace than the full-time day program, due to the demands of daytime employment and/or family obligations. Part-time students fulfil their course requirements primarily in the evenings by enrolling in courses through the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education for the first six semesters, and through The Ted Rogers School of Business Management evening course offerings for semesters seven and eight. Part-time students are entitled to enroll in a maximum of three courses per semester.

Examples of Careers Students May Pursue After Graduation

Human Resources Manager
Compensation and Benefit Analyst
Employee Relations Specialist
Senior Recruiter
Organization Effectiveness Consultant
Employee Relations Officer
Job Analyst
HR Generalist
HR Information Systems Specialis
Labour Relations Coordinator
HR Policy Analyst
Employee Wellness Specialist

Department Administrator

Maria Dorsey

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Undergraduate Program Advisor

Melissa McCormack

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Academic Success

TRSM offers a wide range of services to help you succeed. 

Awards & Scholarships

To recognize student excellence, TRSM and Ryerson offer many awards and scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students.