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Direct Entry Students (Community College Transfers)

Welcome to Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Business Management. The information below is for all incoming Direct Entry Students. Please review the PDF fileOrientation PowerPoint or watch the Direct Entry Pre-Orientation recording, external link as these presentations include important information concerning your program. Our goal is to help you succeed during your time at Ryerson.

The Ted Rogers School of Business Management is home to seven exciting majors. Our program majors are focused on giving you both the theoretical and practical skill needed in the working world. As a Direct Entry student you have been admitted into your third year at the School of Business Management and will start your specialization/major from day one.

Direct Entry: A post-secondary degree pathway from college to university which recognizes the completion of a specific College diploma; credits earned in specific programs at an Ontario College are applied towards direct entry or advanced standing at Ryerson.

Reachback Courses

Your offer of admission has outlined the ‘reachback’ requirements you need to complete in order to graduate. ‘Reachback’ courses are additional required courses that are determined by the program major. You are required to complete the BComm curriculum for semesters five, six, seven and eight as specified by your chosen major in addition to the PDF file‘reachback’ courses listed below.

Note: The term ‘Major’ is referred to as ‘Plan’ when using Ryerson’s online system.

Transfer Credits

You have the opportunity to apply for transfer credits for your ‘reachback’ courses and the courses that are determined by your program major. You are allowed to apply for a maximum number of transfer credits that is equivalent to the number of ‘reachbacks’ you were assigned in your offer of admission. For example, if you were assigned 5 ‘reachbacks’ on your offer, you may apply a maximum of 5 transfer credits toward your degree.

Transfer credits are only official after validation by the Transfer Credit Unit of the Registrar's Office.

Note: There are a limited number of transfer credits that are applicable. The information below will help you to determine which courses to submit transfer credit applications for.

To determine which transfer credits to apply for you will require the following:

  1. Your offer of admission – to confirm your ‘reachback’ courses.
  2. A copy of your college transcript – to confirm courses taken and grades received.
  3. College Equivalency Table for your college - to determine equivalent Transfer Credits. Equivalencies highlighted on the College Equivalency Tables are non-‘reachback’ first and second semester courses and you should not apply for these credits.
  4. Please use the Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar to determine which eligible Transfer Credits apply toward your 5th through 8th semester requirements (Required, Professional, and Professionally-Related courses).

Under each major you can view the third-year direct-entry full-time or part-time program section in the Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar.

In order to receive more information please contact your respective Undergraduate Program Advisor/Department Administrator.

 Department Administrator

  Kelly McHale

, opens in new window

 Department Administrator

Sandra Edwards

416-979-5000, opens in new window, ext. 2154, opens in new window

 Department Administrator

Maria Dorsey

416-979-5000, ext. 4069

 Department Administrator

 Elaine Armstrong


 Department Administrator

Raina Abesteh

416-979-5000, ext. 6744


 Department Administrator

 Laura Wills

, opens in new window

2021 College Equivalency Tables

Equivalency tables are intended as a guide for applying for Transfer Credit and may be subject to change. Final transfer credit decision is made when an application is submitted via RAMSS to the Transfer Credit Unit.

You are eligible for Transfer Credits if you have taken an equivalent course and received a grade of 70% (B-) or higher.

The Equivalency Table lists accepted and denied courses. You will notice that in some cases 2 courses are required to qualify for 1 Transfer Credit.

Please visit Ryerson transfer credits, opens in new window for detailed information on how to apply on-line or submit a manual application. Check out the Transfer Credit Deadlines.

Ryerson Courses Ineligible For Transfer Credit

Below is a list of courses that are ineligible for transfer credits and are not granted for under any circumstances:

  • ACC 414 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACC 514 Intermediate Accounting II

Transfer Credit Restrictions For Direct Entry Students

College courses are not eligible for upper level Liberal Studies transfer credits. Except for ‘reachback’ credits, direct entry students do not require transfer credit for 1st through 4th Semester courses.

Transfer credits are not required for exempted first through fourth semester courses in order to fulfill minor requirements.

If you are granted transfer credits for 1st through 4th semester courses (excluding ‘reachbacks’), these credits will not be used to meet your program requirements and will not be counted toward your maximum number of eligible credits.

These credits will fall into the ‘non-applicable courses’ section on your Advisement Report. The advisement report will be available on RAMSS for new students in August. Prior to August you may refer to your program curriculum in the Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar.