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COVID-19 Updates

There have been many initiatives taken by our community in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This page contains resources that will keep you informed and up-to-date about Ted Rogers School classes and activities.

The Ted Rogers School will return to in-person learning on February 28. Classes labelled “Virtual Classroom” in RAMSS will remain virtual for the entire Winter 2022 semester. This is subject as always to updated guidance from Toronto Public Health and the Government of Ontario.

The majority of Ted Rogers School courses will remain virtual until February 28. A small number of instructors may elect to offer courses in person between January 31 and February 27. If your instructor chooses to offer a course in person during this time period, students will continue to be able to access the course in person or virtually. This is referred to as a hybrid delivery method. If your instructor has elected to offer their course as a hybrid class, then the instructor will provide details via D2L and/or email before January 26. Please ensure that you check your university affiliated email and D2L shells regularly. 

For any courses that you take in other Faculties (eg. Liberal Studies), please check the individual D2L course shells for information about course delivery.

Effective January 31, there will be spaces available for you to study in the Ted Rogers School building at 55 Dundas Street West. Similar to the fall semester, student activities and staff members will be available in person. Ted’s Kitchen will be open for business. You are welcome to come in and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

When we are able to return to class at the Ted Rogers School — here’s what to expect — and what’s expected of you.

Masks are mandatory indoors. 

Your professors and staff will be wearing a mask during class and in any communal spaces. If you are asked to wear your mask, please be respectful and comply. You are a part of this community, and we ask this of every member to protect the community. Read more information about Toronto Metropolitan's mask guidelines, opens in new window

Masks are mandatory

No food in class, please. 

If you need to drink in class, you may momentarily move your mask. Better yet, bring a straw.

Designated places will be assigned for students to eat. More information coming soon. Update from the Ryerson Eats team.

Follow signage to manage your movements inside the school.

Use hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. If you don’t have your own, there will be sanitizer and wipes available in the building.

If you feel ill or have COVID-19 symptoms, stay home. 

Notify your professor so you may make alternate assignment arrangements. If you have COVID-19 symptoms that will cause you to miss an assessment, please submit your Academic Consideration Request form, opens in new window online. (Note that no doctor’s note is needed).

If you have been on campus while feeling ill, please report your case to the University.

During the winter 2022 semester, exterior entrances to campus buildings will be locked and only accessible by tapping your OneCard against the card reader to gain entry. If you do not already have a OneCard or need a replacement, please visit the OneCard website for more information.

OneCard icon

Different facilities may have different rules. 

Covid protocols are common across the University (i.e. mask usage, sanitation and screening status), however some campus buildings may have additional rules implemented in those locations to better serve students. If you have classes in other buildings on campus, please learn the unique rules and abide by any requests.

These guidelines have been developed in alignment with public health recommendations. Every person working and learning at the Ted Rogers School is subject to these rules. See additional guidance from Vice Provost, Students.

Remember — we are all in this together, and we will get through it together as a community if we maintain the same high level of collegiality for which our school has long been celebrated. Be cooperative and civil with each other. Be patient. Be kind. Be supportive of others.

While our commitment is to provide you with up-to-date information about the Ted Rogers School, the most comprehensive Toronto Metropolitan University resource for student information related to COVID-19 may be found at the university's COVID-19 Information and Update website. Please check back regularly for updates.

 Other resources

Here are links to updates on COVID-19, from campus updates to information from every level of government.