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What is Fit for Business?

Fit for Business (FFB) is a transition program designed exclusively for first-year Ted Rogers School of Management students, empowering them with a community and a path to achieve academic, career and personal success. Enabling engagement outside the classroom creates more collaborative, resilient and innovative students that are better equipped for the business world.

Transforming the first-year experience, students transition into Ted Rogers School with a higher sense of community, knowledge and confidence to access and participate in the right services, resources and events for success.

Learn more about how Fit for Business works to help first-year students get informed, get engaged and get to the top with FFB 360, which incorporates interactive dashboards.

Weekly FFB Emails

Students receive everything needed to know to navigate first year in one weekly personalized Ted Rogers School Fit for Business email. This email provides relevant and timely content based on students’ specific program and tracks engagement with TedPoints. Regardless of where our students are in the world, we make sure they get informed with relevant information and opportunities. 

Are you a first-year Ted Rogers School student? Look out for your weekly FFB emails every Tuesday. If you're not receiving them email us at, opens in new window.

Start by getting engaged by registering for the upcoming in-person and virtual events created for you!

We asked first-year students at the Ted Rogers School what their first year of university completely online was like. With the Fit for Business program, take a glimpse at the diverse opportunities students engaged in beyond the classroom.


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