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Julie Kellershohn

Dr. Julie Kellershohn

Assistant Professor
DepartmentHospitality and Tourism Management
EducationBSc, MBA, PhD
OfficeTRS 3-058
Phone416-979-5000 ext: 6693


Dr. Julie Kellershohn is an Assistant Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Julie earned an Honours BSc in Biochemistry from Queen’s University (Canada), an MBA from Harvard University (US) and a PhD in Marketing Research from Harper Adams University (UK).

Her research interests are focused on the Food and Beverage Industries, including how and why consumers make their food and beverage purchase decisions in restaurants, pubs, and stores; and how marketing and technology can be used to influence those consumer decisions. She is interested in Away From Home food and beverage consumption, (Quick Service, Casual, and Full-Service Restaurants), and consumer behaviour in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry.

Prior to joining academia, Julie worked in the private sector both in the food and beverage industry and in the pharmaceutical industry. Julie brings her private sector background into the classroom environment, using examples from beyond the textbook to help students understand how key marketing concepts are applied in today’s business environment.

Next generation marketing approaches, how technology is influencing consumer purchase decisions, consumer behavior, food and beverage marketing, nudge theory, and both quantitative and qualitative marketing research methodologies.

Research & Professional Contributions
Peer Reviewed Publications
Kellershohn J., Walley, K., West, B. and Vriesekoop, F. (2018) Young Consumers in Fast Food Restaurants: Technology, Toys and Family Time, Young Consumers, 19(1): pp. 105-118.
Kellershohn J., Walley, K. and Vriesekoop, F. (2018) Ontario Menu Calorie Labelling Legislation: Consumer Calorie Knowledge Six Months Post-Implementation, Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research, 79: pp. 1-4.  
Kellershohn, J., Walley, K. and Vriesekoop, F. (2018) Young Children’s Perceptions of Branded Healthy Fast Food. British Food Journal, 120(11): pp. 2569-2581.  
Kellershohn J., Walley, K. and Vriesekoop, F. (2017) Healthier Food Choices for Children Through Menu Pricing, British Food Journal, 119(6): pp. 1324-1336.  
Book Chapters
Kellershohn, J. and Russell, I. (2018) The Wine Industry: An Overview of Threats, Opportunities, Innovations and Trends. Chapter 44 (Editor: J.K. Joshi), CRC- Concise Encyclopedia of Wine Science and Technology of Wine, CRC/Taylor and Francis, London, UK (in press).  
Kellershohn, J. (2018) Alcoholic Beverages: Technology and Next Generation Marketing. Chapter 6 in ‘Innovations in Technologies for Fermented Food and Beverage Industries’ (Editors: S. Panda and P.K. Shetty). (pp. 105-120), Springer International Publishing, New York, NY.
Russell, I. and Kellershohn, J. (2018) Advances in Technology and New Product Development in the Beer, Wine, and Spirits Industry. Chapter 5 in ‘Innovations in Technologies for Fermented Food and Beverage Industries’ (Editors: S. Panda and P.K. Shetty). (pp. 89-104) Springer International Publishing, New York, NY.
Kellershohn, J. (2018) Developments in the Marketing of Beer, Chapter 23 in ‘Handbook of Brewing’ - Third Edition (Editors: G.G. Stewart, A. Anstruther and I. Russell). (pp. 641-652), Taylor and Francis, Boca Raton, FL.
Kellershohn, J. and Russell I. (2017) Marketing Beer, Wine, Spirits and Vinegar. Who are the consumers? What do they want? How to talk to them so they hear you, In: Post-Fermentation and Distillation Technology: Stabilization, Aging and Spoilage. (Editor:  M. Bordiga), Taylor and Francis, UK. (In press).
Kellershohn, J. and Russell, I. (2015) Yeast Biotechnology, In: Advances in Food Biotechnology (Editor: R. Rai V), (pp. 303 -310), John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Chichester, UK.   
Kellershohn, J. and Russell, I. (2015). Innovations in Alcoholic Beverage Production, In: Advances in Bioprocess Technology (Editor: R. Ravindra)  (pp. 423-433). Springer International Publishing, NY.
Reviewed Journal Articles for:
Journal of Foodservice Business Research
The British Food Journal
Journal of Food Products Marketing
Journal of the Institute of Brewing
Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists
Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
Undergraduate Hospitality and Tourism Management Courses
HTF 110
Food Service Operation and Control
HTH 102
Service and Professionalism
Undergraduate Marketing Courses
MKT 100
Principles of Marketing
MKT 500 Marketing Research
MKT 702 Advanced Marketing Management
MKT 723 Marketing in the Service Industry
Honours & Awards
2017-2018 TRSM Research Recognition Award, Marketing Department
2017-2018 TRSM Dean's Teaching Award
2013 McDonald’s Excellence in Innovation Award
2007 McDonald’s Circle of Excellence Award
2006 McDonald's Team Leadership Award