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Rachel Dodds, Professor, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Dr. Rachel Dodds

DepartmentHospitality and Tourism Management
EducationMBA, PhD
OfficeTRS 3-050
Phone(416) 979-5000 x 7227

Dr. Rachel Dodds is a Professor as well as past Director of the Hospitality and Tourism Research Institute, external link. Rachel has over 20 years of tourism experience working with tour operators, destination management companies, accommodation facilities, festivals and non profit organizations and still works actively with industry in her role as a consultant to help the tourism industry more sustainable.  Her recent research examines sustainable tourism, environmental management, festivals, marketing and tourist motivations. Prior research has focused on corporate social responsibility, islands and tourism policy. Rachel has published hundreds of articles about sustainable tourism and is internationally regarded as an expert in this field. She is currently editing a book on Overtourism with Professor Richard Butler.

Rachel holds a PhD from the University of Surrey in the UK and a Masters degree from Australia. She has lived and worked in four continents and travelled to over 80 countries.

For her research contribution to the university, Rachel has received recognition; 2018 TRSM Research Award, 2014 and 2010 Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Award.

Currently and before joining Ryerson, Rachel has spent time consulting in the hospitality and tourism industry and provided research and sustainable tourism expertise to global banks, destinations, accommodations, festivals and tour operators.


Sustainable tourism, tourism development, corporate social responsibility, islands, ecotourism, tourism marketing, tourism motivations, green festivals and greening hotels.

  • Graci, S. R., & Dodds, R. (2010). Sustainable Tourism in Islands. Earthscan Press.
Peer Reviewed Publications
  • Dodds, R., & Walsh, P.R. (2018). Assessing the factors that influence waste generation and diversion at Canadian festivals. Current Issues in Tourism, external link
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  • Brendehaug, B., Aall, C., & Dodds, R. (2016). Environmental policy integration as a strategy for sustainable tourism planning: Issues in implementation, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 1-18. doi: 10.1080/09669582.2016.1259319.

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Journal Articles
  • Dodds, R., & Holmes, M. (2016). Local versus visitor perceptions of farmers’ markets. Journal of Food Products Marketing. doi: 10.1080/10454446.2017.1244785
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  • HTM 302 - Marketing Principles
  • HTT 510 - Sustainable Tourism: The Golden Goose 
  • HTM 604 - Hospitality and Tourism sales
  • HTR 841 - Research and Data Analysis 
  • HTT 800 - Field Studies in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Independent study
  • MBA Advanced Global Marketing 





Ministry of the Environment, Ontario 2015-2017 $18,823.33 Rachel Dodds
Ministry of the Environment, Ontario 2014-2016 $67,743 Rachel Dodds
Ministry of the Environment, Ontario  2014-2015 $17,144 Rachel Dodds
Ministry of the Environment, Ontario 2013-2015 $36,290 Rachel Dodds
Western Norway Research Institute 2013-2015 $343,481 Invited to participate as an expert advisor
Social Sciences Human Resource Council (SSHRC) 2011-2012 $18,335 Rachel Dodds
Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation, Ryerson University (Undergraduate Research Opportunity) 2011 $5,500

Rachel Dodds

Student Investigator: Soyoung Ko

Honours & Awards
2014 Ted Rogers School of Management Dean's Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Award
2011 Faculty Scholarly, Research and Creative Award
2010 Outstanding Contribution to the Ryerson Student HTM Experience
2009/10 Awarded early Tenure and Promotion (3 years instead of 5)