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Sonya Graci

Dr. Sonya Graci

Associate Professor, Director of the Hospitality and Tourism Research Institute
DepartmentHospitality and Tourism Management
EducationMA, PhD
OfficeTRS 3-048
Phone(416) 979-5000 x 6696

Dr. Sonya Graci is an Associate Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson, University in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Graci is also the Director of the Hospitality and Tourism Research Institute, opens in new window. Dr. Graci has worked on numerous projects around the world related to sustainable tourism development and has focused her attention on community capacity building in Honduras, Indonesia, Canada, Fiji and China. She has a keen interest in working with Aboriginal communities in developing sustainable forms of tourism. She also has a passion for increasing sustainability in marine environments and has focused much of her research on sustainable tourism development in island states. Dr. Graci is the author of two books and several journal articles and industry publications.

Tourism development, corporate social responsibility, island tourism, ecotourism, tourism marketing, indigenous tourism, and tourism motivations.

Books, Book Sections and Book Reviews

  • Graci, S., & Dodds, R. (2015). Certification and labeling. In S. Gössling, C. M. Hall, & D. Scott (Eds.). The Routledge Handbook of Tourism and Sustainability, London: Taylor and Francis.
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  • Graci, S., & Dodds, R. (2010) Sustainable tourism in island destinations. London: Earthscan.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • McCabe, A. and Graci, S. (In Progress) Collaboration for sustainable tourism: Examining the use of partnerships for turtle conservation in Gili Trawanagan, Indonesia. Submitted to the Journal of Marine Tourism.
  • Gibbs, C., Graci, S., & Dancs, C. (In Progress). DMOs use of twitter. To be submitted to the Journal of Travel Research.
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  • Graci, S. (2010). The potential for aboriginal ecotourism in Ontario. Geography Research Forum, 30, 135-148.


Refereed Conference Papers and Proceedings

  • Graci, S. (February, 2015). Best practices in sustainable tourism in Canada’s north. The case of frontiers north adventures. Paper presented at the CAUTHE Annual Conference, Coolongatta, Australia.
  • Graci, S. (2011). Examining the potential for Aboriginal ecotourism in Ontario, in: 2011 AHTMM Conference Proceedings (pp. 482-486). June 19-24, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Graci, S. & Dodds, R. (October, 2010). The icarus foundation: Breaking down walls through research and collaboration to achieve a low carbon tourism destination in Canada. Paper presented in the TTRA Canada Conference Proceedings, Quebec City, Quebec.
  • Graci, S. (May, 2010). Innovative initiatives in sustainable tourism: The case of Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. Paper presented in the Sixteenth Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference Proceedings, Hong Kong, China.

Non-Refereed Contributions

  • Conferences and Workshop Presentations
  • Graci, S., & Barley, M. (September, 2015). Examining the benefits of farmers markets on tourism and the local community. Presented at the Travel and Tourism Research Association Conference, Niagara Falls, ON.
  • Miszczak, D., Krashinsky, H., & Graci, S. (September, 2015). Examining the role of electronic word of mouth in the restaurant industry. Presented at the Travel and Tourism Research Association Conference, Niagara Falls, ON.
  • Graci, S. (June, 2015). Examining best practices of Aboriginal tourism across the globe. Adventure Travel and Tourism Association Webinar.
  • Graci, S. (June, 2015). Best Practices in sustainable tourism in Canada’s north. The Case of frontiers north adventures. Presented at the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Conference, Toronto, ON.
  • Graci, S. (March, 2015). Examining best practices of Aboriginal tourism across the globe. Examples from Canada, Peru, Fiji and New Zealand. Presented at the International Aboriginal Tourism Conference, Quebec City, Quebec.
  • Dodds, R., & Graci, S. (March, 2014). Sustainability in islands: Successes and challenges. Presented at the National Business Economics Society Conference, Hawaii, USA.


  • HTT 202 - Tourism Concepts
  • HTT 622 - Destination Marketing and Management
  • HTT 509 - Policy in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • HTR 841 - Research and Data Analysis
  • HTT 510 - Sustainable Tourism: The Golden Goose? 


  • ES 8990 - Independent Study in Environmental Management and Applied Science
  • ES 8923 - Environmental Assessment