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Work Experience hours

To graduate from the Hospitality & Tourism Management program, students must complete 1,000 hours of documented work experience (paid or un-paid) in the Hospitality and Tourism industry before they can graduate. These hours must be submitted by the fall of the student's last year. For students who entered the program in 2016 or earlier, the hours are required to pass HTH 901 and for students who entered in 2017 or later, the hours are required to pass HTH 895. This experience is known as HTM Hours.

Most of the information you need regarding HTM Hours can be found below. However, if you need further information, feel free to contact HTM Hours by email at

Work Experience policy

(Revised August, 2018)


To graduate from the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, each student must complete 1000 hours of documented work experience (paid or unpaid) in the hospitality and tourism industry over the four years they are here.


The objective of the Work Experience Program is to ensure that a student’s education has the essential balance between theory and practice. Upon completion, students should be able to:

  • learn more about their career interests and gain valuable experience in the various parts of the hospitality and tourism industry
  • recognize, develop, and practice the sills required to succeed in their future careers
  • put their classroom theory to use in the real world and gain further insights into their academic assignments
  • compare and contrast (and make intelligent career choices) in different types of companies, cultures, and work environments

Program Details:

  • Students must complete 1000 hours of work during their time at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. This work can be paid or unpaid (volunteer), but must only be in the hospitality and tourism industry. Student work hours can be achieved during the normal school year or in the winter and/or summer sessions between semesters. It is highly recommended that the majority of these hours be earned when school in not in session (May-August).
  • As part of completion, students must get a PDF fileWork Experience Form completed and signed by their employer as proof of completion. Forms are submitted through the D2L course shell labelled “HTMHours (HTH 895 or HTH 901)”. Forms are accepted anytime and are approved 3 times per year (March, September, December). For more information, please see FAQs.
  • For work experience not covered by the approved list (see the Approved Work Experience Positions list and the Approved Volunteer Work Experience Positions list), students must seek approval through an email appeal prior to collecting/submitting hours. Emails appeals must be sent to and must include the name of the employer, a job description, and a detailed description of how this work position is relevant and how it provides you with transferable skills to succeed in the industry. A copy of the approval email must be included when submitting hours.
  • If a student is on academic leave (no classes) from the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and has worked within an acceptable hospitality segment during that leave, their Work Experience Hours are applicable.
  • Transfer students from other colleges/universities and from within the Ryerson community will be asked to complete their 1000-hour requirement on a pro rata basis (Please see FAQs for more details)


Approved Work Experience positions

(Revised August, 2018)

Employment in any of the industry segments/jobs listed below will be considered for credit in this program.

*NOTE: This is not an all-inclusive list. Other positions may be approved by sending a detailed email to This email must include: the name of employer, job title, responsibilities, and a detailed description about how the job is relevant to the program and how it provides you with transferable skills in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.


  • Bellhop
  • Campground Management
  • Concierge
  • Door Staff
  • Front Desk
  • Guest Services
  • Housekeeping/Room Attendant
  • Night Auditor/Accounting
  • Reservation Sales Agent
  • Ski Area/Resort Operations

*Note: Ryerson Housing operates a hotel during the summer. This is a great opportunity to gain HTM hours and accommodation experience


  • Event Assistant
  • Event Coordinator
  • Event Manager
  • Event Staff


  • Food and Beverage Staff
  • Golf Caddie
  • Golf Club Management


  • Amusement Parks
  • Casino Operations
  • Movie Theatres
  • Night Clubs

Food and Beverage

  • Banquet Manager
  • Banquet Server
  • Bartender
  • Brewery/Winery Operations
  • Catering Manager
  • Food Service Worker
  • Line Cook
  • Professional Cooking
  • Restaurant or Café Staff/Server
  • Wine Server


  • Airline Customer Service Agent
  • Freshwater Angling/Hunting Guide
  • Reservation/Sales Agent
  • Travel Agent
  • Tour Guide/Director/Operator
  • Tourism Marketing/Social Media
  • Tourism Supervisor/Trainer/Counselor
  • Tourist Attraction Employee
  • Travel Call Centre – Customer Service
  • Travel Counselor


  • Heritage Interpreter
  • Hospitality and Tourism Related Research Assistant
  • Marina Attendant
  • Night Auditor/Accounting at a hospitality site
  • Spa Registration/Customer Service

Approved Work Experience volunteer positions

(Revised August, 2018)

Volunteer work in any of the industry segments/jobs listed below will be considered for credit in this program (up to 300 hours).

*NOTE: This is not an all-inclusive list. Other positions may be approved by sending a detailed email to This email must include: the name of employer, job title, responsibilities, and a detailed description about how the job is relevant to the program and how it provides you with transferable skills in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

Please note that students may not sign off on volunteer hours, therefore volunteering for a student group (i.e. HTMSA, Young Liberals, Toastmasters, etc.) does not qualify for HTM Hours. Work Experience Forms are only applicable if signed by a supervisor/manager/company volunteer team leader. 

Industry Related

  • Unpaid Internships approved by the program
  • Any volunteer requests sent from the HTM program (i.e. TIFF, Hotel Association Conferences, etc.)

School Approved Events

  • Four Seasons Annual Terry Fox Run
  • Holy Trinity Thanksgiving Lunch
  • World Tourism Day
  • Ryerson Orientation Crew

Campus Clubs & Groups

While doing extra-curricular activity such as student council, student groups, student clubs, etc. is encouraged, they do not count towards your Work Experience Hours. 

I am a first year student. Can I bring in hours that I worked prior to starting the program?

Due to Covid we will allow previous hospitality/tourism related work experience hours done before entering the program. We will accept documented (pay stubs, letters of employment, reference letters that show number of hours) work experience up to one year prior to entering the HTM program.

Do volunteer hours count towards Work Experience Hours?

Yes, volunteer positions can count for up to a maximum of 300 hours towards the Work Experience Hours. Due to the Covid we may allow more than 300 hours this year. Volunteer hours worked must be at hospitality and tourism related events (see Volunteer Positions section under Work Experience Information)

My job is not included in the Approved Positions List. Do these hours still count?

Potentially. Any exception must be approved. To get the approval, please send an email to This email must include the name of the employer, job title, responsibilities, and a detailed description about how the job is relevant to the program and how it provides you with transferable skills in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

For Example:

An administrative assistant at a law firm would include in their letter that they were responsible for organizing 3 events and booking travel for the partners. This position would be considered as providing valuable experience and, therefore, would be approved.

A copy of the approval email must be submitted along with your Work Experience Form.

I work outside of Canada. Do my hours still count?

Yes, students can work in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in any country. However, documentation must be in English.

My job is in retail and requires me to perform customer service responsibilities. Do these hours still count?

With the exception of retail related to hospitality and tourism businesses such as travel agencies and working the gift shop at a hotel, retail work experience is not one of the approved positions. While many retail positions can provide transferable skills, jobs in hospitality and tourism are attainable and preferred. However due to Covid we will allow retail position this year. 

I worked an un-paid internship over the summer, will those hours count?

While we do not encourage unpaid internships, the hours are applicable – as long as the position is hospitality and tourism related and on the Approved Positions List.  However, un-paid internships are viewed as volunteer work and, therefore, can only be counted towards a maximum of 300 hours

*Note: Internships from HTH 706 – Management Placement and experience cannot be used towards Work Experience Hours

When are the work hours verified/due?

Students must complete their 1,000 hours as a requirement for HTH 901 (if entered HTM in 2016 or earlier) or for HTH 895 (if entered HTM in 2017 or later). It is required that students taking this class should have already completed their 1,000 hours and have all supporting Work Experience forms prior to the fall of their last year or prior to enrollment in the course. This class is a pass/fail dependent on the hours.

Why did I only get approved for 1,000 hours if I worked more than 1,000?

Although we value that you have worked more than 1,000 hours, the student has fulfilled the requirements and, therefore, are only given credit for 1,000 hours.

I am taking HTH 706 – Management Placement and Experience, can these hours be used towards my Work Experience hours?

Unfortunately, HTH 706 hours cannot be used. Hours worked as part of a student’s internship for HTH 706 will only be counted towards that class. Double counting of hours needs to be avoided for academic credit.

I am a transfer student who got credit for courses taken prior to entering the HTM and expect to graduate faster than the required 4 years. Do I still have to complete 1,000 hour?

All transfer students, whether they are from Ryerson, a college, or another university, must complete work experience hours. Recognizing that transfer students will graduate faster than four years, your work experience hours will be adjusted according to the number of credits you transferred into the program, based on the table below. If you qualify for a reduction in HTM hours because of transfer credits, you must print and scan a copy of your Transfer Credit Report from RAMSS and upload it. We will assess the report and input the number of reduced hours into your gradebook.

HTM Hours Transfer Credits

  • 1-5 Transfer credits - 1,000 Work experience hours required
  • 6-10 Transfer credits - 750 Work experience hours required
  • 11-15 Transfer credits - 625 Work experience hours required
  • 16-20 Transfer credits - 500 Work experience hours required


I did a co-op term in college. Can the time I was in co-op apply to the 1,000 experience hours?

No, based on the intent of the policy and the requirement that all students complete work experience hours. However, depending on the number of credits you were granted as part of your transfer to Ryerson, the number of required hours will be less – see table in the previous question.

I have worked a number of years in the industry. Do I still have to fulfill the 1,000 experience hours?

Yes, hours must be worked while enrolled in the program. We want students to get practical experience in the industry while learning theories in the classroom.

I have been on academic leave (no classes) from the HTM program and have been working in an acceptable hospitality segment during the leave. Do these hours count towards the 1,000 experience hours?

Yes, these hours still count since you are still enrolled in the program.


When are my hours due?

Work Experience Hours approved 3 times per year. The hours can be submitted any time prior to the approval date but will only approved/declined after these dates. Hours are approved three times per year - October 30th, March 30th, and May 30th. Hours are then assessed and the results are available on D2L – accessible in the grade section of the “HTM Hours” D2L page, just like course marks.

Approval Dates

      • October 30th

      • March 30th

      • May 30th

It is recommended that you submit your hours throughout the year for the 3 separate submission dates and DO NOT wait until the fall semester of your last year.

How do I submit multiple Work Experience forms?

Students should combine the multiple Work Experience forms from that year or deadline into one scanned document to be uploaded onto D2L (see HTM How to Submit Hours).

I am part of the HTM Co-op Program. Do I have to submit a different form?

Students in the co-operative program do not take HTH 895, therefore they do do not have to submit Work Experience.  


HTM Co-op Sequence

Co-operative education at the Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University is a program designed to provide students with work experiences that complement their academic studies. It gives them the opportunity to connect their knowledge and skills to the world around them. Co-op integrates a student’s academic learning with workplace learning in fields relevant to the student’s academic and professional goals

Please visit the TRSM Co-op site, opens in new window for more details.

Any questions, please contact Charmaine Kwong, Co-Op Program Coordinator at

Student testimonial

"As a new student joining in the co-op program, I had a lot of questions and concerns as to how it will look like for me being part of this program. My resume, cover letter, and interview skills were at its bare minimum and had a lot of room for further improvements. So I was nervous thinking that although I am part of this amazing program, I would not be able to get hired by the companies.

However, throughout the weeks there were so many available workshops provided to ease the worries that I previously had. Taryn and Laura especially provided me with extra advice when I needed them and were always available for me. When I found a job posting that I was interested in, Taryn and I had a one on one, practicing my interview skills, and providing me tips that really saved me in my interviews. Everything she had said, had mostly come up by the interviewers, allowing me to be able to professionally answer questions and be prepared for the interview.

I would not have been able to get the opportunity of being a hospitality shift leader at Joey’s Eaton Centre without the help of the co-op program and the training/personal meetings by Taryn and Laura. I strongly encourage everyone to join and have the one on one help by them to really help excel on your personal opportunities for your career!"

-Angela Yang