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Message from the Director

James Tiessen, PhD Director/Faculty

Everyone working in healthcare knows how important and rewarding the field is. They also know that Canada, like all countries, faces great challenges sustaining effective and equitable care as its population ages.  Further as new, and often expensive, health technologies emerge, expectations are growing.  Good management is needed to meet these challenges.

The School of Health Services Management (SHSM) Bachelor of Health Administration (BHA) equips our students with skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complex and dynamic world of healthcare.  This degree-completion program, in Health Services Management or Health Information Management, complements the skills of healthcare professionals by adding management acumen to their practical talents.  While most students hold diplomas, some enter with degrees.  All seek to improve their career prospects, learning what their managers know, or should know!  The program is part-time only, for people working in the sector.

The SHSM faculty are committed teachers and active researchers.  In the program’s capstone project, they work with students and their practicum preceptors in the field to design and conduct studies that address real healthcare delivery issues.   These projects give students the chance to practice the evidence-based management skills they acquire throughout the program.

Flexible Schedule

Students in the Health Services Management and Health Information Management programs have the option of taking courses online, in the evening or on weekends. They can also mix the various modes of study.