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*NOTE: Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year, Practicum and Practicum Seminar will only be offered ONCE a year in the Winter semesters*

The Practicum (CHSM 419/CHIM 407) and Practicum Seminar (CHSM 418/CHIM 406) are the last two courses that each student will complete in the HSM or HIM program before graduation. Students must have completed ALL other course work before being eligible to enroll in the Practicum courses. 

Student's "register" for a Practicum term by attending the appropriate workshop but are not formally enrolled until later. An invitation to attend each workshop is sent out by the Department Administrator 1-2 months in advance. Once a student registers for a Practicum workshop, the School will perform an audit of their academic record to determine that they have completed all other program courses.

In the term between the Practicum workshop and Practicum term (i.e. Fall for Winter Practicum), students may NOT be completing required coursework. They may however, be completing a maximum of two elective courses. In these cases, enrollment in the Practicum courses and eligibility to continue with Practicum will depend on receiving a passing grade in any final electives.

Students can NOT enroll themselves in the Practicum and Practicum Seminar courses on RAMSS; each course requires departmental consent.

In addition, the Faculty Supervisor must approve the student’s practicum contract and project plan before the student is enrolled by the Department Administrator in the Practicum and Practicum Seminar courses.  This takes place in late August for Fall Practicums and  late December/early January for Winter Practicums. 

Students are encouraged to view their Advisement Report to ensure all coursework is completed prior to the Practicum workshop. Most students can view their Advisement Report on RAMSS. If you are a HSM student admitted before Fall 2006, or an HIM student admitted before Fall 2007, please fill out the Manual Advisement Report form and send to Curriculum Advising for processing.

Each student is responsible for ensuring that there are no “Holds” on their student account that might impede registration for these final courses.

Flexible Schedule

Students in the Health Services Management and Health Information Management programs have the option of taking courses online, in the evening or on weekends. They can also mix the various modes of study.