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Awards & Scholarships

Hospitality and Tourism Management Award

With over $100,000 in awards and scholarships, students are rewarded for their academic accomplishments, extracurricular involvement and volunteer and work experience.

Awards Program

A measure of the success of the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management has been the degree to which industry and private individuals have contributed to scholarships and awards. The success of our graduates in industry has encouraged the industry to work with us to reward outstanding students. Annually, we award over $100,000 to well deserving students. The awards listed on the HTM Awards Program table represent those that are available to our students. Although most of the awards are based upon high scholastic achievement, some criteria are based upon an active involvement in the industry or in student run activities. All students should preview the criteria and consider those for which they may apply.

Consider for a moment that some criteria are designed to provide incentives to students who are actively involved in student activities and/or the industry and who have high marks; but, not necessarily the 'highest mark'. You may be the 'right' person to win the award; if
you apply.

There are also some external awards that are available to our Hospitality and Tourism students. Please check the links to websites of the external awards.

For Ryerson University Awards and Scholarships, click here

For HTM Entrance Awards, click here.



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