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Brian Heasman

Heasman, Brian


TRS 3-056


(416) 979-5000 ext. 6701

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Brian Heasman

Instructor, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

In addition to his joy for teaching and learning, Brian brings to the classroom over 30 years of hospitality and tourism experience, a passion for food, entrepreneurial success and extensive travel. His natural customer service skills empower the extraordinary human resources management successes. 

With a Master’s in Education (MA), and Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism (Ryerson University), Brian’s education compliments his professional and personal culinary and travel experiences.

Brian’s professional experience embraces all aspects of the industry from lauded success in launching and operating his own bistro, through fine dining service, human resources consulting in retirement living, and senior management roles in hotels.

Brian believes that experiential learning solidifies and supports academia, and empowers and supports the career aspirations of his students. To this end he spends countless hours each week supporting the extracurricular activities that allow students to demonstrate a deeper understanding of their courses, support their creative and entrepreneurial natures, and connect them with companies and people who can support their career aspirations. Specifically, he has been on the board of directors for Winterlicious/Summerlicious since it’s inception (post SARS), is an active member of CAFP, trains and coaches (to great success) the restaurant innovation teams each year, just as an example.

Brian has five children and enjoys time at the cottage whenever possible.



HTF 100, Introduction to Food Service

HTF 110, Food Service Operation and Control

HTF 505, Restaurants from Concepts to Operations 

HTF 506, Food and Beverage Operations

HTF 601, Beverage Management 


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