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Dr. Norman Shaw

Shaw, Norman


Associate Professor


TRS 3-040


(416) 893-1980 ext. 2475

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Dr. Norman Shaw

Associate Professor, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Associate Professor, Ted Rogers School of Retail Management

Norman teaches business systems to our Retail and Hospitality students, having joined the Ted Rogers School of Management in 2007. 

During his lectures he shares his experience, describing real-life examples of the challenges and advantages of using technology. He was Chief Information Officer for a Toronto based retailer that operated over 1,000 stores with such recognizable names as Harry Rosen, Tip Top, Fairweather and Bluenotes. He also lived in California for four years, working for Wet Seal, which is a retailer of clothes for teenage girls with over 500 stores in the USA.

He gained experience in the world of hospitality as Vice President in charge of technology for a hotel management company that operated hotels under the flags of Marriott, Holiday Inn and Hard Rock.

His current research is focused on consumer acceptance of smartphone apps for mobile commerce. Through such apps, retailers and hospitality organizations can enhance their interaction with their customers and guests.

Research Interests

There are an estimated 2.1 billion smartphone users in the world today.  Each user accesses approximately ten apps during a day. In the context of tourism, travellers research their hotel options via their smartphone, they check in with their smartphone and they open their hotel room with their smartphone. In the context of mobile commerce, Apple Pay and Google Wallet enable their smartphone to make payments fast and convenient.  Norman’s research interest is to explore the adoption of apps - what motivates users to adopt an app?

Select Research and Professional Contributions

Refereed Journal Articles

Shaw, N. (2014). The mediating influence of trust in the adoption of the mobile     wallet. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 21(4), 449-459.     doi:10.1016/j.jretconser.2014.03.008

Shaw, N. (2013). The role of the professional association: A grounded theory     study of electronic medical records usage in Ontario, Canada. International     Journal of Information Management, 34(2), 200-209. doi:     10.1016/j.ijinfomgt.2013.12.007

Shaw, N., & Manwani, S. (2013). Content validation for level of use of feature rich     systems: A delphi study of electronic medical records systems. Information     Research, 18(1), Paper 558. 

Refereed Conference Presentations

Shaw, N. (2016, December). Convenient or useful? Consumer adoption of     smartphones for mobile commerce. Paper presented at the 26th Annual     DIGIT Workshop, Dublin, Ireland.
Shaw, N. (2016, July). Adoption of smartphone apps by hotel guests: The roles of     trust and word of mouth. Paper presented at the 18th International     Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Toronto, Canada.
Sergueeva, K., & Shaw, N. (2016, July). Wearable technology in hospitals:     Overcoming patients' concerns. Paper presented at the 18th International     Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Toronto, Canada.
Shaw, N. (2015, July). Perceived usefulness of mobile commerce apps: A delphi     study. Paper presented at the 17th International Conference on Human     Computer Interaction, Los Angeles, USA.
Shaw, N. (2015, August). Younger persons are more likely to adopt the mobile     wallet than older persons, or are they? The moderating role of age. Paper     presented at the AMCIS Americas Conference on Information Systems,     Puerto Rico.
Shaw, N. (2014, November). Guest acceptance of the digital wallet at hotels and     resorts. Paper presented at the Third International Tourism Conference,     Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Shaw, N. (2013, June). The influence of learning on the level of use of business     intelligence software. Paper presented at the European Conference on     Information Systems, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Shaw, N., & Lu, Z. (2013, May). Guest acceptance of the digital wallet at hotels     and resorts. Paper presented at the The Proceedings of 1st World Conference     on Hospitality, Tourism and Event Research and International Convention and     Expo Summit, Bangkok, Thailand.
Shaw, N., & Manwani, S. (2011, June). Extending feature usage: A study of the     post-adoption of electronic medical records. Paper presented at the European     Conference on Information Systems, Helsinki, Finland.

Other Projects

Shaw, N. (2012). Powerpoint slides. In R. Stair, G. Reynolds, J. Aldcorn & D.     Neufeld, Principles of Information Systems, Canadian Edition. Toronto:     Nelson.


Shaw, N. (2009). From adoption to infusion: A literature review. Henley Business     School.

  • B.Sc Physics, Southampton University, United Kingdom 
  • M.Sc Operations Research and Management Studies, Imperial College, London University, United Kingdom 
  • D.B.A. Henley Business School, University of Reading, United Kingdom
Recent Activity

Norman has just completed a survey of Canadian consumers, asking them about their use of apps for mobile commerce.  Future plans are to investigate cross-cultural differences.



HTI 404, Hospitality Information Systems

HTI 746, Destination Management Systems


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