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Call for Papers, Organized Panels and Roundtables

ILERA 2018 World Congress

The world of work is in a phase of dynamism that is reshaping the contours of employment relations worldwide. Changes are visible at the global, national and local scale. It is therefore fundamental for scholars and practitioners to describe, explain and strategize around these changes.

The first goal is to discern to what extent change is pervasive in employment relations as well as to what extent we can still perceive continuity in recent paths, identify what aspects of employment relations are more subject to be reshaped and in what direction, and how employment relations actors and their practices have been affected. Different analyses that explore these changes in different countries, regions, sectors, and firms will be able to build important knowledge to understand the contours of the phenomenon.

Our second goal is to enhance knowledge about how contexts and actors have the power to affect these changes. Global economic and social conditions, national institutional contexts, and regional, sectoral and firm specific governance characteristics may affect the evolution of the world of work. However, we also have to consider how major actors of employment relations act and react to these conditions. Policy makers propose changes in legislations and labour market arrangements. Management strategies continue to target production efficiency with also growing attention to the work and life conditions of employees. Unions actively renew themselves to gain (or re-gain influence). And, emerging civil society organizations, social movements and consumers become new protagonists in fostering fairness at work.

Finally, how can different actors act and react strategically to the changes in specific contexts? What are the constraints and the advantages available in this dynamic environment? What aspects can be leveraged, towards what goals, and by whom?

Research Tracks

We will address these three points together at ILERA2020 and welcome all world of work actors to join us. The difference of our perspectives and contributions will be our collective strength to enhance knowledge and practice in the world of work.

In order to strike synergy among different perspectives we propose the following research tracks:

  1. Unionism and other forms of workers’ representation
  2. Human resource management and organizational behaviour
  3. Work and well-being
  4. Labour markets
  5. Developments in labour law and public policy
  6. Conflict at work and its resolution
  7. Employment diversity and fairness in the workplace
  8. New perspectives on comparative employment relations

Submissions and registration are now closed for presenters. Non-presenting participants can attend for free.

Types of Submissions

There are four types of submissions: communication proposals (up to 1,000 words abstract), panel or roundtable proposals (up to 1,000 words abstract), and students and junior faculty members for Best Paper Awards and extended abstracts by students for the Student Travel Scholarship. Groups can also organize a mini-conference under the umbrella of ILERA 2020.

To properly organize the event and to allow people from different countries to participate, the deadline for all submission types is September 15, 2019.

One or more authors of a research project can submit their communication proposal following the instructions in the link below. Panel will be composed by the scientific committee based on topic synergies. Communications can be in either English or French and we accept proposals in either of these two languages.

Participants can organize a full panel or a roundtable by themselves.

  • A panel is constituted of 4 to 6 scholars who present research on a specific topic relating to one of the proposed tracks. A panel can take the traditional form of a set of research presentations or a discussion among academics centred around core questions. Panels can include discussants or commentators as desired. The form of the panel should be made clear in the proposal.
  • A roundtable is designed to facilitate a rich debate among 4 to 6 scholars and employment relations practitioners on a specific topic relating to one of the proposed tracks. We encourage roundtables which bring together a variety of practitioners from different perspectives.

Panel and roundtables can be held in one of the four most spoken languages in the Americas: English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese. We accept proposals in each of these four languages.

  1. The Allen Ponak Best Student Paper Award is devoted to recognizing research excellence across several disciplines relating to employment relations among master, PhD, and post-doctoral students. This award comes with a $500 prize.
  2. The Law of Work Award recognizes research excellence in employment and labour Law among master, PhD, Post-doctoral students as well as Assistant Professors. This award comes with a $500 prize.

Papers in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese are welcome. Read more about the Awards.

The Non-OECD Student Travel Scholarship is devoted to support the travel expenses of five master, PhD, or post-doctoral students based on their research excellence across several disciplines relating to employment relations. The travel scholarship is $500.

Papers in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese are welcome. Read more about the Awards.

Academic associations, research groups and teams, as well as practitioners’ associations and groups can hold their own meeting within ILERA2020. Mini-conference can be held in one of the four most spoken languages in the Americas: English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

If you are a member of a group or organization considering a mini-conference, please contact the ILERA2020 organizers directly to discuss the details: Johanna Weststar and Lorenzo Frangi at, opens in new window

  Call for Sessions on Special Themes

In addition to the regular conference tracks, we are soliciting submissions for sessions on special themes - "Indigeneity and Work" and "Poster Session on Teaching in Labour and Employment Relations". Please click on the links to read more about the calls for papers on these themes. If you feel your work fits with one of these special themes, please select it as your first choice when asked to indicate the research track in the submission form.

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