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The program is completed over four semesters.

Courses are offered in a modular format with students expected to be in class Thursday evenings, and all day Friday and Saturday, five times in the first and third semesters, but fewer times in the second and fourth semesters.

Student in a white lab coat writing notes for labwork.

Course Legend

Course Code Course Name Credit
MH 8001 Strategy in Home and Community Care 1
MH 8002 Comparative Health Policy 1
MH 8003 Management in Home and Community Care 1
MH 8004 Performance in Home and Community Care 1
MH 8005 Information Technology in Home and Community Care 1
MH 8006 Research for Community Care 1
MH 8101 Seminar: Solving a Community Care Problem (Capstone A) 1
MH 8102 Teamwork in Community Care (Capstone B) Pass/fail

Fall Capstone Term

Students complete 2 courses in the final term which is considered the Capstone Term. Students will work in groups to collaborate with health care organizations to solve a community care problem.