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Business Career Hub Honoured with 2017 Excellence in Innovation Award

Award celebrates excellence in leadership development in Top 200 Program


The Top 200, an innovative student leadership program from the Business Career Hub was honoured with the 2017 Excellence in Innovation: Leadership Development Award from the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) on May 30 in Vancouver. This national award is presented annually to a program that demonstrates exemplary leadership experience and skills in post-secondary students.

The Top 200 program has a preeminent reputation in providing specialized experiential learning initiatives for TRSM’s emerging leaders, aimed at their professional and personal development. In partnership, students are strategically matched with industry professionals to build their network, develop leadership skills and receive mentoring. The activities of the Top 200 Program add a unique and individualized dimension to a TRSM student’s undergraduate experience. It can be noted that applications have increased by 75% percent compared to the same time last year due to raised awareness efforts. The increased awareness to develop the leaders of tomorrow makes it the most competitive year to join the program thus far.

“This award is a formal acknowledgement of the work we’ve been doing for the past several years,“ says Andre Serero, Executive-in-Residence. “The program allows students to hit the ground running with highly-developed career readiness skills, and the confidence to apply those skills in whatever field or endeavour they choose post-graduation.”

Graham Sogawa, Director of the Business Career Hub is continuously connecting to an evolving audience that is different and is open to new ways of delivering development. “This award is a great way to be recognized for our exceptional abilities to lead, inspire and collaborate with impact. It’s important that our centre adapts to meet the demands of the market and focuses on tailoring programs that students are asking for.”

The Business Career Hub has been associated with CACEE for several years, and its contributions has been significant. Staff members have made national and regional conference presentations, served on the board and in various communities, and the Ted Rogers School of Management hosted last year’s regional conference.

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