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Enterprise Information Security, Privacy and Data Protection

Data Protection

Privacy Protection


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Program Overview

The Professional Master’s Diploma in Enterprise Information Security, Privacy and Data Protection is a part-time program designed to give you the knowledge and skills to effectively manage information in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

By gaining a broad understanding of the underlying technologies, technical risks and limitations, as well as the legal, social and compliance environments, graduates of this program may pursue careers such as risk and compliance manager, privacy officer, security auditor, or senior business analyst.

As technology continues to advance and become further integrated into our personal and professional lives, enterprise information security, privacy and data protection have become a growing concern, and are central to many of the functions and processes associated with information technology. E-commerce, email, strategic infrastructure and our personal privacy and well-being are all affected by an increasing need for security, privacy, and protection.

What You’ll Learn:

Technical Knowledge:

  • Identify, analyze and prioritize security and privacy threats, vulnerabilities and risks, and discuss the relative importance of hardware, software, people and policies within a corporate environment

Management Knowledge:

  • Manage and/or lead security and privacy operations, including development of frameworks, standards, policies and procedures within a mid-sized organization

Law, Regulation and Audit Knowledge:

  • Apply security and privacy statutes dealing with legal and regulatory issues and perform privacy risk assessments and information security audits

By gaining a broad understanding of the underlying technologies, technical risks and limitations, as well as the legal, social and compliance environments, graduates of this program may pursue careers such as risk and compliance manager, privacy officer, security auditor, or senior business analyst.


1. MT8911 Technical Foundation for Managers - Security, Privacy, Operations and Controls

Information security is a broadly encompassing field focused on the protection of data assets and intangible intellectual property of all kinds. Data privacy relies on information security as a necessary, but insufficient condition to ensure that the legal and moral rights of data owners are respected. Both security and privacy are enabled by IT operations and controls, which again are necessary, but insufficient conditions to ensure that security and privacy “work”. This course provides participants with the technical foundation, vocabulary, conceptual understanding and computer science skills necessary to undertake the subsequent courses of this program, and to effectively contribute to an enterprise information security, privacy and data protection function.

2. MT8913 Security and Privacy Management Fundamentals

Management of highly technical areas, such as scientific research, engineering, information security and data privacy often presents difficult challenges well beyond the realm of mainstream financial or operational management. In part, this arises because management may be insufficiently versed in the underlying subject matter to make informed decisions. This course addresses both the pre-requisite knowledge and the specialized methods used to effectively manage security, privacy and data protection activities.

3. MT8914 Advanced Topics – Law, Compliance, Audit & Certification, Computer Crime

This course provides students with broad exposure to topics which affect the operations, resourcing, planning and management of enterprise information security, privacy and data protection, but are not directly part of it. The aim of the course is to provide students with the ability to anticipate and extrapolate requirements and risks, based on an understanding of the underlying legal, social and compliance drivers.

4. MT8912 Best Practices – Managing for Maximum Benefit and Effectiveness

This course represents the capstone of the diploma program. While topics of special interest will be presented throughout the semester, the main thrust of this course will be completion of major term project intended to address specific issues/problems in security, privacy and data protection. The projects will use archival data, policy analysis and interviews with industry professionals.

Credential: Professional Master's Diploma

Program Type: Graduate (Part-time)

Program Length: 4 courses 

Start Date: Winter 2018


Telephone:  (416) 542-5872

Admission Information

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: Completion of a four-year bachelor's degree in business, technology, finance or related disciplines from a recognized institution.
  2. Minimum B Average: A minimum 73% or equivalent of 3.00/4.33 grade point average (GPA) in the last 2 years of university study (Including postgraduate university programs).
  3. Comprehensive resume: Minimum of two years full-time post-graduate work experience.
  4. Two Referees: Two letters of recommendation from academic or professional references.
  5. A Statement of Interest: 500 word statement professional or research interest.
  6. English Language Proficiency Score: Required from all applicants who have degrees from institutions in which English is not the language of instruction or examination.

Please visit the Graduate Studies website for more information and a list of accepted tests and scores.

Diploma Registration

Participants may be registered in only one Graduate program at any one time.

Admission Process

At Ryerson, all graduate applications are submitted online. Submitting a complete application package is a two-part process. You can read details about the process on our graduate site

  1. Submitting your application through OUAC and
  2. Uploading your documents. Please include all post-secondary transcripts with your application.

The system is easy-to-use and saves you time. The online system is mandatory; paper applications mailed to the Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Office will not be accepted.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines for January 2018 are:


Domestic:  December 7th, 2017


International:  November 1, 2017

Tuition Fees

Domestic:  $1,375.00* per course


International:  $3,170.93* per course


*Plus ancillary fees for the program. Fees subject to change.
Please check the Yeates School of Graduate Studies fees page for updates.