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Group of students wearing TRSM tshirts and happily posing for the camera

Why Co-op?

Co-op at the Ted Rogers School of Management is a unique and creative experiential learning model that bridges the gap between academic theory and relevant real world experience. Read what students say about the benefits of participating.

Tara Upshaw at the podium receiving an award

Student Awards

To recognize student excellence, TRSM and Ryerson offer many awards and scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. Students are eligible at several levels: faculty-wide, program-specific and university-wide awards.

Large group of students cheering and posing for the camera after winning a competition

Student Competitions

At Ted Rogers School of Management, our student groups, professors and dean’s office actively and enthusiastically supports and partner with students in their preparation for, and participation in a variety of student competitions. 

Student Groups

The Ted Rogers Students' Society links students together from the six separate schools at TRSM under one united voice. 

Two students sitting in the hallways of the University going about their own business

The Business Career Hub

it offers career development opportunities tailored to each student’s individual needs and program specialization.

Councelor and student at the library working

Academic Success Centre

Our team of learning specialists help students improve their academic performance with a series of learning services designed to develop new strategies, skills, and behaviours.

Group of students in a study room

Breakout Room Booking

Our students have access to a bank of dedicated breakout rooms for group study and discussion in the TRSM building. 

A female student studying at a desk

Need IT Support?

Need help connecting to the wireless network, booking equipment, or locating various labs around TRSM? The Student Help Desk can help you with this and more.

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International Exchange

Are you looking to gain an international experience? Want to see the world and live abroad? Take advantage of all the world has to offer by studying abroad.