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Student Engagement

Ted Rogers School of Management Student Experience

Ted Rogers School of Management prides itself on delivering an exceptional student experience. Ted Rogers School has countless opportunities outside of the classroom to enhance your undergraduate experience. There are 30+ student groups, global opportunities, experiential learning, professional development and much more! Take pride on being a student at the Ted Rogers School of Management and never forgot that the best is yet to come.

"Through student groups, I've been able to meet new people, establish longlasting friendships and build my professional network all while having fun"

Sidney Cidade

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management 

Two best friends hugging it out, sharing the story about how TRSM and student engagement has brought them together

"Not only did Commerce Frosh help us navigate through our university careers and provide us with opportunities to become the best versions of ourselves but it also made us family. We're more than just best friends today - we're sisters, we're fricken soulmates and we wouldn't have it any other way!" 

- Ankita Roy & Kruti Dave

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management 

Student Vincent Tran posing for his highlight sharing his experience at TRSM

"My advice to first years is to talk to students outside of your program and outside of your year. There is so much value in seeing different perspectives and the upper years have plenty of wisdom to share, so take advantage and absorb as much as possible!" 

- Vincent Tran 

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management 

Georgina Roby posing for her feature in the humans of trsm campaign, highlighting her trsm experience

"Having submerged myself within the Ted Rogers culture, I came out having a better understanding of what leadership is and how one can use it to add value. I learned from student leaders that you don't have to wait to be "leaders of tomorrow" when you can lead today!" 

- Georgina Roby 

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management 

Stanley Sik posing for his feature on Humans of TRSM, sharing his TRSM experience

"The true University experience and the definition of student life is what you do outside the classroom. Ryerson and the Ted Rogers Students' Society embody that definition and lead by example" 

- Stanley Sik 

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management 

Jennifer Ly posing for her Humans of TRSM feature, highlighting her trsm experience

"I started my university career by attending Commerce Frosh. It was absolutely amazing, I met many like minded people, got to network with the upper year student leaders and from there I realized that planning events like Frosh was what I wanted to do." 

- Jennifer Ly 

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management 

Mohammad Badawy posing for his humans of trsm feature where he highlights his trsm experience

"Being an international student, I was scared and unsure of what to expect at Ted Rogers. Coming in and not knowing anyone was a challenge I was willing to overcome. The people here were very welcoming and I was able to be myself, and it has been such a great blessing." 

- Mohammad Badawy 

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management