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Conferences and Competitions

A group shot of the Ted Rogers Management Conference Last year on Cultural Night

Student competitions are a key component of student life and learning at Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University.  Competitions allow Ted Rogers students to experience ‘real world’ business challenges in competitive environments while presenting to industry leaders. Students who participate in competitions have a richer educational experience overall; the training, collaboration and competition experience are all  important learning opportunities that prepare Ted Rogers students to compete in the business world post-graduation.

At Ted Rogers School of Management, our student groups, professors and dean’s office actively and enthusiastically supports and partner with students in their preparation for, and participation in a variety of student competitions. Ted Rogers students are proud to have competed and won in national and regional competitions covering every business subject: from law to finance to corporate social responsibility to real estate to hospitality management and more!

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Ted Rogers Management Conference

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Expand Your Empire Conference

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Law and Business Conference

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Ryerson Marketing Conference

"At a conference you connect with industry professionals, build relationships and gain valuable insights that go beyond the lecture room. I recommend every undergraduate student to attend at least one conference!"

How to Receive Funding

The Ted Rogers Students’ Society funds up to 100% of Conferences and Competitions for its students. Students are chosen for conference based on application and interview. All candidates must attend a mandatory training session hosted by the Student Engagement staff. For more information please visit their website, external link.

Below you will find stories about a variety of Ted Rogers and Ryerson student competitions that highlight the talents and achievements of our exceptional student body:

Student Competition News