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Fit for Business

Upcoming Events for Incoming Students

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As an incoming Ted Rogers School student, you might be wondering ‘what can I do to make the most out of my first-year university experience?’. Hear directly from students who have been in your shoes and have been recognized for several notable achievements in their first year. Learn more about the Fit for Business program and the opportunities available exclusively through this program including being a TedPack Leader, Top 10% Engaged, and access to TedPack Mentors (upper-year students). If you are someone who wants to succeed and get to the top - this event is for you.

What is Fit for Business?

At the Ted Rogers School of Management, we invest in the student experience beyond the classroom through a dedicated first-year transition program, called Fit for Business (FFB). Transforming the student experience with FFB, students are empowered with a community and a path to achieve academic, career and personal success. This unique program enables experiential learning and engagement beyond the classroom to create more collaborative, resilient and innovative students that are better equipped for the business world.

With one first-year exclusive centralized communication channel, students receive a personalized weekly FFB email with everything needed to navigate first year successfully. Through TedPacks, students share in meaningful experiences with their classmates while earning TedPoints along the way for engagement. Additionally, all full-time students accepted to our school are eligible to apply to the industry-leading Ted Rogers Co-op program, on the condition that program requirements are met.

Did you miss the Mock Lecture Series or Wheel of Majors events?

No problem, you can access the recordings and information on the events below!

Contact us

Email the Fit for Business team at, opens in new window with any questions you may have on the first-year student experience at the Ted Rogers School.


One of the challenges for new students is that you may not know anyone, making it easy to feel disconnected, alone and difficult to meet others. Which is why we have built TedPacks.

TedPacks are groups of 45 first-year students who are enrolled in the same class schedule for the first semester to build community, communicate and maintain connection with one another throughout first year. This enables you to get to know the other students within your TedPack while engaging in activities together, making friends and earning TedPoints. Every TedPack will have one to two TedPack Leaders and a group of upper-year students called TedPack Mentors to guide you!


students in a TedPack


new friends and mentors


earn TedPoints along your journey


to be hired after you graduate

Fit for Business - TedPacks

To see which TedPack you are in, log in to and click Online Courses & Organizations then on your TedPack shell.

Once logged in, click on Communication at the top navigation bar and then select Groups in the dropdown menu, and under My Groups, you will see your TedPack (ie. BM 2020-30). The first letters indicate which program you are in within the Ted Rogers School.

For example, BM 2020-01 = Business Management, AF 2020-01 = Accounting & Finance, BT 2020-01 = Business Technology Management, HTM 2020-01 = Hospitality & Tourism Management, RMG 2020-01 = Retail Management

You will have access to weekly content and discussion boards to post, engage and chat with members of your TedPack. You currently already have access to your TedPacks shell within D2L, where you receive  weekly content on the Ted Rogers’ Student Society (TRSS), Business Career Hub (BCH), Academic Success Centre (ASC), Student Advising and other program-specific important information on Ryerson.

TedPack Leaders

Every TedPack will have one to two TedPack Leaders, who are first-year students that will facilitate and organize virtual meet and greets, activities such as socials, study sessions and more over Zoom. Your TedPack Leaders will share with you important information and upcoming events for your TedPack to connect online, build community and create friendships. To see the TedPacks Events Calendar, check your weekly Ted Rogers Fit for Business emails.

TedPack Mentors

TedPack Mentors are upper-year Ted Rogers students that mentor TedPack Leaders so they can succeed in their first-year student leadership role while providing them with the opportunity to learn from an experienced, knowledgeable and senior student who has been in their shoes.

TedPoints are awarded for each engagement you register for and attend, including initiatives, services, and events across Ted Rogers through the Academic Success Centre (ASC), Business Career Hub (BCH), Student Advising, Ted Rogers Students' Society (TRSS) and FFB as seen above including the My Story in 30 sessions. Your social and study sessions that your TedPack Leader hosts for your TedPack also awards you with TedPoints and this is the one initiative that pre-registration does not apply to.

The more TedPoints collected, the more opportunity there is for you to redeem them for rewards.

Look out for your personalized weekly Fit for Business emails you receive on Tuesdays to see how many TedPoints you have collected so far and to find out who the winners for the round are!

Rewards are given out to the top TedPacks and students with the most TedPoints collected. Check your weekly Ted Rogers School Fit for Business emails to see if you are a winner, and how many you have individually collected so far. 

The top individual students and TedPacks will be notified and will have a menu of options to choose from which include:

TedPack Team Rewards

  • Exclusive chat for your TedPack with a Ted Rogers alumni or industry expert.
  • Exclusive sessions on insights regarding co-op prep and a deep-dive into what the online interview process looks like.

Individual Rewards:

  • Access to one sold-out Bootcamp of your choice.
  • 1-on-1 with an industry professional who's expertise is marketing students to employers.

We know – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a first-year student when you’re receiving emails from all over the place, but we’ve got you covered. You receive a weekly personalized Ted Rogers School Fit for Business email with relevant and timely content based on your program. These are personalized just for you, as a first-year Ted Rogers student who is part of Fit for Business.

Are you a first-year Ted Rogers student who's not receiving the Ted Rogers School Fit for Business weekly emails on Tuesdays? Email us at, opens in new window

Ways to actively engage across our school

Academic Success Centre

Want to identify strategies to learn effectively or get tutoring to succeed in your first-year courses?


Looking to enhance your technical skills through industry and facilitator-led bootcamps?

Business Career Hub

Don’t have experience? Chat with a Career Consultant about different opportunities and how to apply for co-op.

Student Advising

Do you have questions about your academic program, courses, or university policies? Meet with your Student Advisor.

Ted Rogers Students' Society
, external link

Want to get more involved in the different student groups and course unions at Ted Rogers?

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Are you looking for mental health counselling, medical support, equity services or peer-led wellbeing support?