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International Exchange

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Want to see the world and live abroad?

Take advantage of all the world has to offer by studying abroad. Apply to go on an exchange for a semester or a full year and receive one full academic credit, equivalent to a full course load. The Ted Rogers School of Management has exchange partners across the world, including Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Sweden, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Scotland, Spain and many more.

Select your exchange programs

The Ted Rogers School of Business Management’s (TRSM) International Exchange Program provides an opportunity for TRSM students to gain real world experience from across the world to develop a greater understanding of the globalization of today’s marketplace. In addition to TRSM students’ travelling abroad, the program involves students from partner institutions who come to TRSM to take courses, and experience all that the campus, city and country has to offer.

The program allows students from the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) to study abroad for one semester or a full academic year, and return to TRSM to complete their degree. They continue to be registered at Ryerson University while on exchange, and tuition fees remain unchanged. In most cases, classes are conducted in English and are taken at a normal course load.

  • Any second, third or fourth year student in Business Management
  • Any third year student in Information Technology Management, Retail Management or Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Any second or third year student in Accounting and Finance
  • Global business exposure
  • Experience a new culture while learning and studying abroad
  • Great for resume
  • Experience a new and different way of learning
  • Opportunity to travel within the region and even farther
  • Have a life-changing experience
  • Fall or winter semester
  • Full year exchange, if courses permit
  • The list of TRSM exchange partners
  • Courses available to exchange students and their relevance to your program and/or minor
  • Exchange university term dates (in light of your program, co-op work terms, convocation application deadlines, job commitments, etc.)
  • Availability of Ryerson University courses (i.e. some courses are not taught every term)
  • Cost of living
  • Personal interests (e.g. campus location, language of the host country)
  • Exchange University's CGPA requirements (if any)

The application for the 2020-2021 academic year is now open!

Initial Application:

Apply online at Outgoing Exchange Students Application Form, external link (print exchange application form and sign).  You will need to upload a letter of motivation (why you would like to study abroad) and resume.

 Application Deadline:  January 31st, 2020.

Approval Process:

  • Eligible applicants will be interviewed in February.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by the end of March.
  • Successful applicants will be nominated to the exchange universities approximately in late March (for fall/full year exchanges) or late August (for winter exchanges).
  • Students select courses to study overseas and submit a Learning Agreement for review.
  • Students apply to the host universities.
  • Students attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation session approximately in April (for fall/full year exchanges) or October (for winter exchanges).

Need more information?

Contact: Kristy Holzworth (Coordinator, International Programs)

Exchange students pay the usual Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) tuition fees for a full course load to Ryerson University, subject to the established methods, payment deadlines and service charges, as would be normal if the student was spending the academic session at TRSM. Students are responsible for all other expenses such as books, stationery, laboratory equipment, etc.
The majority of exchange agreements require students to be responsible for finding their own accommodations. Some of the partner universities have their own residence hall accommodations with associated costs that exchange students can access.
Students are responsible for their own health insurance, travel expenses and all other arrangements.
Students are responsible for covering the cost of their student visa, if a visa is required for the exchange by the host country.
Students are responsible for arranging their own food.
Exchange Application Expenses
Students are responsible for expenses related to their exchange applications, e.g. obtaining supporting documents (such as the Ryerson official transcripts), photocopying material, application fees to the exchange university (if required), etc.

Exchange University Transcript

Students do not need to purchase a transcript from the exchange university, for the purpose of this exchange program. If students need additional transcripts for other purposes, they may need to order these directly from the exchange university.

Important Financial Considerations

  • If you receive student loans, check with the Financial Aid and Awards Office before applying for exchange. While all exchanges are approved by the Financial Aid Office, the difference in start and end dates can sometimes result in a reduction in student loans in a given academic year.
  • Likewise, if you receive a scholarship or bursary, check with the Financial Aid and Awards Office before applying for exchange to make sure your payment amount will not be affected.
  • Some awards and bursaries are available for students who study abroad. However, none of these will finance your entire year abroad. Ensure that you have proper financing in place before seriously pursuing an international experience.

Full exchange cost is approximately $12,000- $18, 000 for one semester, depending on cost of living in the city you are studying in. Cost includes tuition, living, travel, visa, food and incidentals.

  • TRSM - Hospitality and Tourism Management - Highest GPA : $1000
  • TRSM - Accounting and Finance - Highest GPA in each major: $750
  • TRSM - Business Technology Management  -Highest GPA: $500
  • TRSM – Business Management – Highest GPA in each major: $1000
  • Int’l Student Scholarship by Scotiabank: 2 x $2500
  • SWEA Swedish Scholarship: $1500 (1 sem.) $3000 (year)
  • BUTEX Scholarship (UK): £500
  • Chung Ang Scholarship: approximately  $1700 per semester
  • JKU Scholarship: 4 x €550 per month
  • RIEOS Scholarships from Ryerson International (35 x $2,000) deadline: January 31st


Courses may be called subjects, units or modules depending on the host university.  Exchange partner universities may permit you to choose courses from various faculties whereas others provide a specific course list.  The host universities may also have a minimum and maximum number of courses or ECTS that you can take.  Some courses are taught over one semester, other courses may be taught over one year.

Important: Review the university’s exchange website to see course selection guidelines.

Workload while on exchange

The number of courses equivalent to five Ryerson courses varies by university. For example:

European universities (most) – 30 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), external link points equals five Ryerson transfer credits 

  • Australia – four courses equals five Ryerson credits
  • China – course for course (five courses = five courses)
  • Singapore – course for course (four courses = five courses)
  • Chile – course for course (five courses = five courses) 


Students are required to prepare a study plan/learning agreement well before the exchange university’s application deadline. This is a listing of all the courses students would like to study and apply as transfer credits for their program. The learning agreement form is submitted to the TRSM exchange office for review and approval and courses are approved by the Associate Director, International Relations prior to departure.

Important: Prepare and submit the Learning Agreement form in a timely manner.


Credits are transferred through the transfer credit application process after the final exchange university transcripts are received by the TRSM exchange office. Students must pass the approved courses and have the required amount to ECTS (when required) to have the credits transferred. The credits from an exchange do not affect GPA at Ryerson University.

The Ted Rogers School of Business Management’s International Exchange Program provides an opportunity for students from across the globe to gain experience at a trusted Canadian educational institution. Incoming international students can get program specific information directly from individual schools, as well as more general information about international programs at Ryerson directly from Ryerson International.

Getting Started – registering for your exchange

The Ted Rogers School of Management is comprised of six schools:

  • Ted Rogers School of Business Management
  • School of Accounting and Finance
  • Ted Rogers School of Retail Management
  • Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management
  • School of Health Services Management (no exchange program)

Please note, you can only apply to one Ted Rogers School of Management school. In most cases, you will be able to take courses across all schools once admitted into a program.

Still unclear? Contact the international program coordinator Kristy Holzworth at

Applications for the 2019-2020 academic year are now closed!


Fall (September-December): April 1st
Winter (January-April): October 1st

Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply:

All students must be nominated by their home institution’s International Office prior to applying to Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University.

What is a nomination? You must first apply to your home institution’s exchange program. Contact your home institution’s International Office for details. Once you have been accepted into the exchange program at home you can then proceed to apply to Ryerson.

The Online Application
  1. Complete the online application form. Please indicate which semester you are applying for (Fall or Winter) as well as what Ryerson School.
  2. Once the form is submitted you will be issued a tracking number. Print this page and sign it.
  3. Your exchange application along with an academic transcript (academic history at your home university) emailed:

    Kristy Holzworth, coordinator, international program
    Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
    350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2K3
Offer of admission/acceptance

Once all the applications are processed, you will receive via email an offer of admission from the Ted Rogers School of Management after the exchange application deadline. Please note that the offer of admission is normally sent by the end of April (Fall semester) and the end of October (Winter semester).


Maximum of five courses. Although your home university may require course approvals or learning agreements as part of your exchange application, please be advised that all courses are subject to availability and may not be approved by Ted Rogers School of Management until you arrive. Course approvals at your home university are subject to changes and revisions.

Course information, listings and registration for the Fall semester, during the academic year you will be attending, will be sent to you mid-April. Course selection must be emailed by August 1. Course information for the Winter semester will be sent to you mid-October. Course selection must be emailed by December 1.

Visa/Study Permit

You may not need a study permit, external link if you are planning to take a course or program in Canada with a duration of six months or less. However, there are benefits to having a study permit, even if you do not require one. For more information.

All exchange students who intend to study at the Ted Rogers School of Management for a full academic year (September to April) require a study permit. A study permit is a legal document and therefore it is your responsibility to obtain a study permit and visa (if required). Also, please check the visa website on a regular basis regarding any changes to visa requirements. 

Health Insurance
The Canadian government requires that all incoming students purchase the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), external link. Please check the UHIP website for current costs. Opting out of this plan is possible, but very rare. Only a few other plans are considered equivalent – visit the UHIP website for a listing of pre-approved plans. UHIP will cover your basis medical and emergency needs, but you may wish to purchase additional travel or medical insurance. UHIP fees for 2017/2018 are $208/semester.
Prices vary greatly from program to program. New textbooks can average $50 to $200/book. 
Cultural Field Trips
Optional cultural field trips/outings are scheduled throughout the semester. They average $50 to $100/trip.
Expect to pay between $600 to $1,100/month for a room with a shared kitchen and bathroom (utilities may or may not be included), depending on what area of the city you choose to live in.
Most students do their own cooking, spending an average of $250 to $350 per month on food.
Warm and waterproof footwear, and a jacket, hat and gloves are necessary for fall/winter/spring.
Local transport is very accessible. One way fares are currently $3.00/ride. Tickets or tokens can be purchased in multiples of five to save money. Daily/weekly/monthly student discount passes are also available.

For cell phones, expect to pay $10 for a SIM card and $30 to $70/monthly for phone bills. Not all international cellphones work with the networks in Canada, such as Telus Mobility, external link and Bell, external link. Be prepared to pay extra for a new phone. For a landline, expect to pay approximately $30/month (allows for free local calls). A variety of phone cards are also available for long distance calling.

Check out student life at Ryerson to see what’s taking place on campus

Pre-Arrival Manual and Accommodations Guide

Any Questions?

Kristy Holzworth, coordinator, international program
Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2K3

Application Deadline:  January 31st, 2020 to study abroad in fall 2020 or winter 2021.


  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Clear academic standing

Application Process:

Apply online, external link through our portal.  You will need to upload a "letter of motivation" outlining why you would like to study abroad and a copy of your resume.  Hard copies are not required.

Additional Information

Please check back for fall 2020 information sessions.


Below is a list of TRSM's international, Canadian, and Ontario-wide exchange partners, as well as MBA-specific exchange partners.


  • University of South Australia, Adelaide (winter only)
  • RMIT University, Melbourne (winter only)
  • Curtin University, Perth (winter only)
  • University of Technology, Sydney (winter only)
  • Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane (winter only)                          


  • Johannes Kepler University, Linz (winter/full year)


  • Universidad del Pacifico, Santiago (Language)


  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (fall/winter or full year)
  • Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting & Finance, Shanghai (winter/full year)
  • Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE) (fall/winter or full year)


  • Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Zagreb (winter/full year)


  • Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen (fall/winter or full year)


  • University of Westminster, London (winter/full year)
  • University of Surrey, Surrey (winter/full year)
  • University of Leeds, Leeds (winter/full year)
  • London College of Fashion, London (Retail Management) (winter)


  • SKEMA Business School, Nice (fall/winter or full year)
  • ESSEC Business School, Paris (fall/winter or full year)
  • Paris Dauphine University, Paris (fall/winter or full year)
  • IESEG Business School, Lille (fall/winter or full year)
  • ESC Rennes Business School, Rennes (fall/winter or full year)


  • Frankfurt University of Applied Science, Frankfurt (winter/full year)


  • Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC), Calcutta (fall only)


  • Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin (winter/full year)


  • Chung-Ang University, Seoul (fall/winter or full year)


  • Curtin University, Moka (winter or full year)


  • Curtin University, Sarawak (winter or full year)


  • Tecnologico De Monterrey, Monterrey (Language) (winter only)


  • Rabat Business School (fall/winter or full year)

New Zealand

  • Auckland University of Technology, Auckland (Hospitality & Tourism) (winter only)

The Netherlands

  • TIO University of Applied Science, Amsterdam (Hospitality & Tourism) (fall/winter or full year)
  • University of Groningen, Netherlands (winter/full year)
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Science, Amsterdam (winter or full year)


  • ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon (winter/full year)


  • Warsaw School of Economics, Poland (winter/full year)


  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (fall/winter or full year)
  • ESSEC Business School, Singapore (winter or full year)
  • Curtin University, Singapore (winter or full year)


  • Napier University, Edinburgh (fall/winter or full year)
  • Stirling University, Stirling (winter/full year)
  • Glasgow Caledonia University, Glasgow (winter/full year)


  • Jonkoping International Business School, Jonkoping (fall/winter or full year)


  • Universidad Carlos Madrid III (winter/full year)
  • Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona


  • Mahidol University  (fall/winter or full year)


  • KOC University  (fall/winter or full year)

United Arab Emirates

  • Curtin University, Dubai (winter or full year)


  • RMIT University (Ho Chi Minh) (fall/winter or full year)
  1. DENMARK  

    Copenhagen Business School - International Summer University Porgram (ISUP), external link                  June 21st - August 3rd

  2. INDIA
    Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, IIMC MBA Student Exchange Program, external link

    June 3rd - August 23rd

  3. QUEBEC 
    Laval University - 5 Week Intensive French Language Program, external link – Explore

    Spring - May 13th - June 14th

    Summer - July 8th - August 9th 

  4. JAPAN

    Kyoto University - MBA Semester Exchange, external link 

    April 5th - September 28th

Study Abroad

The study abroad program allows students to attend a university that does not have an official exchange agreement with Ryerson, as well as anyone who wants to apply to one of our partner universities directly instead of going through the exchange program. This option allows you to attend almost any university.

Credit for your overseas studies will be granted on your Ryerson transcript only if you have the courses approved through the PDF fileLOP requirements, opens in new window.

Important study abroad information:

  • Study abroad students need to apply directly to the partner university for acceptance.
  • Study abroad students pay international student fees to their partner university (which can sometimes be quite high).
  • Study abroad students must get Letter of Permission forms signed before they leave. Study abroad students may not get full credit for courses completed overseas.
  • Study abroad students contact the study abroad coordinator at their host university.

Summer Programs

Thinking of doing something international over the summer? There are many organized study abroad programs and research opportunities available that you may wish to consider. In order to receive academic credit for any course work during a summer program, please follow the process of Letter of Permission Form to find out if and how to transfer your credits back to Ryerson.

The Ontario-Jiangsu Student Exchange Program offers Summer Research Scholarships to Ontario graduate and undergraduate students.

The scholarships (up to 10 in number) provide students the opportunity to spend 4 months in summer 2011 at a university in Jiangsu Province, China engaged in research projects relevant to their studies in Ontario.

Using funds provided by Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, the Ontario Jiangsu Student Exchange Program (OJS) will award each selected participant a scholarship of $2,500.

Website:, external link

Spend the Month of August by Lake Constance — with Scholarship Support — Studying the Language and Culture of the German-Speaking Countries

The Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Student Exchange Program offers scholarships to students from Ontario universities who are selected by the OBW Program to participate in the International Bodensee Hochschule (International Lake Constance Summer School).

The IBH is a four-week summer program in which students from around the world study German and learn about the cultures of the German-speaking countries that surround Lake Constance: Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

Website:, external link

Students will earn University of Toronto's undergraduate degree credit courses ranging from arts, science, and engineering.

Programs Offered: Australia, Central Europe, China, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Southeastern Europe, and Science Abroad.

Website:, external link

Undergraduate Level:  GEM Trailblazer Summer Programmes:  Chinese Language and Cultural Studies; Entrepreneurship and Innovation Asia; Writing the New Silk Road; Success in the Globalized Marketplace.

Website:, external link

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summer Program

International Fashion Business Summer Program

International Summer Academy

Digital Marketing Summer Program, external link

Undergraduate Level:  Management Skills for Leaders of Tomorrow

Website:  PDF file, external link

Undergraduate Level and Graduate Level Courses:  Corporate Finance, International Finance; International Relations; International Management; Croatian Studies;  Entrepreneurship;  Investments;  E-business;  The Introduction to Economic Growth; Organizational Psychology;   Communicating in the Global Workplace Environment;  International Marketing;  The Economics of the Euro

Website:, external link

The Summer University at the University of Stuttgart is an excellent opportunity for students who have had little or no exposure to German to experience a total immersion in the German language and culture right in the heart of Europe.

Website:, external link