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Academic Success Centre

About Us & Location

Our team of learning specialists help students improve their academic performance with a series of learning services designed to develop new strategies, skills, and behaviours.

Our programming is offered specifically for business courses taught in the Ted Rogers School of Management. 

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Additional academic support services available:

Tutoring & Study Groups

We offer two types of tutoring support programs. You will work with the Academic Peer Helper and other students to build your confidence and understanding of course material.

In our tutoring and peer facilitated study groups, we cover a range of subjects including, statistics, finance, accounting, information technology management and marketing.We do not assist with graded material.

Fall 2018 tutoring and study groups will run from Monday September 24th to Friday November 30 2018.

Click here to view our Fall 2018 tutoring and study group schedules.

To register via Google Form click here. You can only request a session up to a week in advance of the session. Attendance confirmation may take up to 24 business hours.

Note: If the session you are requesting is less than 24 business hours away, do not use the form. You can try to drop-in to the session, and you will be able to attend if there is space.

Check out our YouTube channel: RU Connected Learning for FIN300 and ACC 406 videos! 




Meet The Team

Stephan Tang

Manager, Academic Support

416-979-5000, ext 4615

Role: Supports the team of learning specialist

Dan Cantiller

Student Success Facilitator

416-979-5000, ext 3586

Role: First year transition support, peer-assisted academic support

Sheena Ewan

Academic Success Centre Administrator

416-979-5000, ext 2408

Role: Administrative and resource inquiry support 

Joana Londoño

Learning Strategist

416-979-5000, ext 2678

Role: Academic planning, skill development, learning strategist

Nina Sulkin

Student Success Facilitator

416-979-5000, ext 4507

Role: First year transition support, peer-assisted academic support

Our Learning Services

Personal Consultation with a Learning Strategist

Explore existing habits and adjust your approach with practical strategies and a learning plan tailored to your personal goals.


To book an appointment with Joana Londoño, call 416-979-5000, ext 2678 or email

Transition Support

Discuss how to navigate a University environment and discover the many resources available to first year, transfer, direct-entry and mature students.


To book an appointment with Joana Londoño, call 416-979-5000, ext 4507 or email


Peer-to-Peer Academic Coaching

Learn from experienced students how to study effectively, organize priorities and manage your time.


To book an appointment, visit the Academic Success Centre or call 416-979-5000, ext 2435, or email

Free Course Tutoring

Review and clarify course content official course tutoring in small groups with an Academic Peer Helper that is hired and trained by Ryerson University. See a list of available courses


Location:  Tutoring Room, TRS 3- 051

Free Peer-Assisted Study Groups

Thorough weekly chapter reviews and effective group work are facilitated by an Academic Peer Helper that is hired and trained by Ryerson University. See a list of available courses


Location:  Study Group Room, TRS 2– 048

GAPP Guided Academic Planning Program

Students with low or critical CGPA are guided by a Learning Strategist and Peer Academic Coach to investigate gaps and develop a concrete plan of skills and strategies to improve their academic standing.


Offered each semester but with limited availability!  To register for GAPP, contact:

Mock Final Exams

The Academic Success Centre will not be distributing mock exams for Fall 2017.


It has been brought to our attention that the courses previously supported by mock exams have changed significantly.The course content and structure of the mock exam questions are no longer up to date with current course content. We are in the process of modifying and revising mock exam content in collaboration with faculty. We hope to make mock exams available at the end of Winter 2018.


For more information about mock exams and other services we offer, please click here.

The Academic Success Centre will not be distributing mock exams for Fall 2017 .
Connecting to Campus: Student Involvement

Enhance academic success through opportunities that further engage students in campus life. See a list of campus activities

Success Tips!


You can find all of our tip sheets, four month calendars and other academic resources here.

Find the Academic Success Centre

Exit the 8th floor elevator and turn left

Head opposite the escalators

Pass the Business Career Hub on your left

Look for the black pillar labelled with the ASC values & mission

You've arrived at the Academic Success Centre: TRS 2-168

Course-Specific Success Tips