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Grade Calculator

"What do I need to achieve on my remaining tests and assignments in order to get an A/PASS/get a 2.0 in this class, given the grades that I've already made so far?"

Or simply: “Where do I stand?”

This grade calculator was created to help you answer these questions!  Each semester, students create their own excel sheet or break out their calculators to understand where they stand in their courses. We’ve taken the guess work out of creating that sheet and outfitted it to hold this information for semesters to come.

This amazing grade calculator will tell you exactly what you need to achieve in order to get the grade you want! Instructions are located within the file.   Just download and load your grades!

Knowing this information can help you:

  • Set a target for your remaining assignments
  • Help you realize you need to reach out for academic support
  • To ensure that you are on track with your grades

We recommend you speak with your program office when using this tool to help you decide whether or not to drop a course.