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Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaches (PACs) are upper-year students trained to share study skills tips and to mentor and help fellow students navigate their academics. We tend to hire PACs who are not only academically successful, but have also overcome their own obstacles, so they can relate to what other students go through.

Meeting regularly with a PAC is a great way to stay motivated throughout the academic term, as it is very easy to start with great energy but run out of fuel later in the term, when classes and assignments become more demanding and challenging.

Students often report feeling more comfortable talking to their peers about their academic needs. With that in mind, they can request an appointment with PACs directly. They may also be referred by the TRSM Learning Strategist after a learning consultation, as a way to keep engaged and give continuity to a proposed academic strategy.

To book an appointment, visit the Academic Success Centre or call 416-979-5000, ext 2435, or email

This Fall, we’ve hired a fantastic team, and our PACs are very keen to support student success and motivation. Meet your PAC team!

Parminder Gill

Parminder is a second year BTM student, who is also planning to complete his minor in Finance. He is a dedicated individual with excellent time management skills. Parminder is enrolled in a full time course load, while working as a Peer Academic Coach and holds a job with TD Canada Trust. Being ambitious, he is determined to achieve excellence both in education, career and extracurricular activities. Parminder continues to expand his connections through volunteering for student run groups within TRSM in his spare time and hopes to inspire other students to do the same. His future aspiration is to obtain a role as a Business System Analyst within the Top 500 companies in Toronto.

Yixuan He

Yixuan He is a 2nd year international student in the Business Management program majoring in Global Management Studies. She has a lot of experience and tips to give about the transition as an international student. She also has experience in transferring between Universities, as she was transferred from University of Toronto two years ago to Ryerson. Before taking the position as a PAC at ASC, she worked as a project developer at a high school in Scarborough. Yixuan is keen to share both of her academic and work experience to help fellow students. In her spare time, she enjoys watching TV shows, cooking for her friends and going to gym. Yixuan is excited about her new role as a Peer Academic Coach and she can’t wait to dedicate herself at Ryerson Academic Success Centre.

Abbasali Habib

Other than working as a Peer Academic Coach, Abbasali is a peer mentor at the Tri-Mentoring program and loves giving back to the Ryerson community. Back in Tanzania in his home town of Dar-Es-Salaam, he was actively involved in charitable organizations having led the welfare committee of a youth run body that dedicated their time visiting and aiding the less fortunate. This accentuates how much Abbasali values helping those in need.

Being a part of many extra-curricular activities in high school as well as the chairman of the welfare committee, Abbasali intends to use the leadership, time-management and communication skills to help his fellow TRSM colleagues succeed in their endeavors.


Marko Milenkovic

Marko is a 5th year TRSM student, pursuing a major in Marketing Management while completing a minor in Global Management. He has been a member of the Ryerson Rams Men’s Varsity Volleyball Team for four years, allowing him to develop and take his leadership, time-management and communication skills to new heights. In his spare time, Marko enjoys cooking, playing sports and reading. He is passionate about helping others achieve their goals, and he is very excited to use his leadership skills to give back to the community that has helped shape him into the person that he is today.

Samathra Rocke

Samathra is a 3rd year TRSM student in the School of Business Management. Her chosen major is Law and Business with a minor in Finance. Although Samathra is not an International Student, she identifies strongly with these students. Upon completing high school in her native land of Guyana, she migrated to Canada and she immediately enrolled at Seneca College. Because of this, she experienced a culture shock but quickly learnt how to overcome it. She completed her studies at Seneca and graduated with a Diploma in Accounting- Honours. In her spare time, she enjoys reading self-help books, binge-watching her favourite TV shows and baking sweet treats. Samathra is very passionate about helping other students achieve academic success and she hopes to see you at the Academic Success Centre!