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Faculty Support

The Academic Success Centre is driven by our passion to assist students in their academic life. Faculty members are vital partners in realizing this mission. Our team of learning professionals are committed to providing faculty with resources and expertise to enhance the academic experiences of their students. We are committed to supporting faculty with resources, support, and expertise to support their curricula and student engagement and performance in their courses.

We recommend that you include information about our services on your course syllabus, or in your D2L course shell. Come by in early August for the updated material.

Refer your student to our support services:

Has a student come forward to share difficulty with managing their academics? Refer your student to our learning programs that align with their academic challenges:

  • For peer-assisted learning support for course content, we recommend referring students to our tutoring and facilitated study groups
  • For students who express challenges with motivation, or their learning style, please refer your student to the learning strategist 

Creation of Customized Workshops or Assignments

Skill building is best realized within the classroom.  Our learning professionals will work with you to create customized learning workshops to meet the objectives of your course and the learning goals of your students. These workshops are offered at no cost:

  • Test and Exam Preparation
  • Time Management

To inquire about a special project for your course, please email the Manager, Academic Support.   We request a two week notice to establish clear objectives, create materials and finalize the delivery.