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The Academic Success Centre is serving the Ted Rogers School of Management community virtually during the Winter 2022 term.

The Back in Business Program

Back in Business

About Back in Business

The Back in Business (BiB) Program & Conference has been designed to support all undergraduate students of the Ted Rogers School in navigating the online learning environment and building habits conducive for success. BiB is anchored in learning theory and practice. Join us and learn how to take your learning to the next level!

The Back in Business Program is designed with the student experience in mind. We know how busy a term can get, and we've created a schedule that will best suit our participants' schedules.

The BiB program will return in Fall 2022

Completing the BiB Program

The Requirements for the Back In Business Program will be to attend 3 of our workshops. The following workshops will start in Fall 2022. 

Each workshop is 60 minutes long and will be followed by a 60 minute working period to complete activities related to the workshop. Please ensure you are available for the first 60 minutes and you may submit the post-work should you have a scheduling conflict.


  • Shaking off the Cobwebs: Tips for In-Person Learning
  • Time-Management: A tool for Motivation 
  • Test Anxiety & Making a Reading Week Plan
  • Train your Brain: Learning strategies for productivity
  • Learning from Midterm Result 
  • Making it through March: Staying Motivated
  • The Final Stretch: Preparing for Finals


Please contact us in advance of your attendance to let us know if we can make any accommodations to ensure your inclusion in the BiB Program.

Certificate of Academic Excellence

Students who successfully complete all components of the BiB Program are eligible to receive a Certificate of Academic Excellence from the Academic Success Centre.

Need support in tracking dates and planning your time? 

Download the PDF fileSpring/Summer 2022 planning calendar.