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The Academic Success Centre is serving the Ted Rogers School of Management community virtually in the 2020/21 academic year. 

The Back in Business Program & Conference

Back in Business

About Back in Business

Welcome! The Back in Business (BiB) Program & Conference has been designed to support all undergraduate TRSM students in navigating the online learning environment and building habits conducive for success. BiB is anchored in learning theory and practice. Join us and learn how to take your learning to the next level!

The Back in Business Program is designed with the student experience in mind. We know how busy a term can get, and we've created a schedule that will best suit our participants' schedules.

Completing the BiB Program

To successfully complete the Back in Business Program, please complete the three simple steps:

  1. Attend the BiB Conference;
  2. Participate in 4 Learning Pods OR meet for individual Peer Coaching appointments (4 per term);
  3. Complete an end-of-term reflection on your progress!


Please contact us in advance of your attendance to let us know if we can make any accommodations to ensure your inclusion in the Program or Conference.

Step 1

The Back in Business 1-Day Conference

Step 3

Complete an end-of-term reflection on your progress during the term!

About Learning Pods

A Learning Pod is a small group meeting (with the same peers), led by Peer Academic Coaches

Each Learning Pod meets at least once a month, and discusses skills-based themes. It is a means of motivation and accountability to your goals; a place to talk with your peers about how to achieve academic success!

Learning Pods are not lectures. They require students’ active participation and engagement.

Choose your Cohort

Please use our PDF fileLearning Pods Schedule Guide to choose which Cohort is the right one for you.

Register for Learning Pods

The Learning Pods take place once a month! Pick a cohort, and register, external link, opens in new window for all four (4) of it's dates!

  • Week 1: Effective Time Management
  • Week 2: Note-taking Tips & Tricks
  • Week 3: Staying Motivated
  • Week 4: Exam Prep & Overcoming Test Anxiety

We know that it’s very easy to start with great energy, but run out of fuel as the term progresses. Meeting regularly with a Peer Academic Coach is a great way to stay motivated throughout the academic term.

Who is a Peer Academic Coach (PAC)?

PACs are upper-year students from various programs in TRSM, who are trained to assist their peers. Need assistance to better plan your time? Not sure how to write an email to a Professor? Want some support in understanding how to better learn your course material? Book an individual Coaching appointment with a PAC!

Booking an Appointment

Individual PAC appointments are available throughout the semester for students to get additional support, or catch up on a missed Learning Pod.

To book an appointment, please visit the Learning Specialists page.

The Back in Business Conference dates for Winter 2021 have passed. Please check back in the Fall 2021 term!

The Back in Business Conference launches participants into the Winter term Back in Business Program!

Whether your academic goal is to get on the Dean's List, or to get a clear academic standing, or somewhere in between, this Conference & Program is for you!

Conference Registration

Please register for two tickets, to fully participate in the BiB Conference, external link, opens in new window

  1. Keynote and Reflection (Ticket 1).
  2. Introductory OR Intermediate Learning Seminar (Ticket 2 or Ticket 3).

Learning Seminars during the Conference

Not sure which Learning Seminar ticket to register for? Use these guiding questions:

  • New to the concept of "metacognition", and the science of learning? We recommend the Introductory Learning Seminar.
  • Have a baseline understanding of the science of learning and metacognition? Then the Intermediate Learning Seminar is for you!

The conference runs for 4 days in January 2021. Don't delay, register today!