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The Academic Success Centre is serving the Ted Rogers School of Management community virtually during the Fall 2021 term.

Learning and Accountability Coaching (LAC) Groups

What is Learning and Accountability Coaching?

Formerly known as Virtual Study Hall, Learning and Accountability Coaching is community-based group coaching merged with a Pomodoro-style study/ workspace. Facilitated by a member of the Academic Success Centre team, the sessions are two (2) hour blocks for students to work toward their goals. Join for skills-based topics and collaborative conversations with your peers. Sessions are structured as follows:

  • First half-hour is dedicated to learning skills-based themes, collaborating and sharing;
  • The following 90 minutes are quiet, Pomodoro, external link style study hall.
  • The final 10 mintues, everyone regroups to share their progress.

It is a means of motivation and accountability to your goals; a place to talk with your peers about how to achieve academic success!

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro technique is commonly used to help people focus on completing specific tasks and avoiding distractions. It's also a great technique for tasks or projects that have a potentially unlimited amount of time to complete (like studying for a final exam, researching for an assignment, etc.).

The Pomodoro technique helps us focus on our task. These sessions are structured, community-based space for students to join and work on their independent tasks/ projects but be accountable to each other! The two (2) hour session is structured as follows:

  • Students join the room, check in about what task(s) they would like to accomplish during that session.
  • A timer is set for 25 minutes, by the Session Facilitator.
  • Students work on their task until time is up.
  • Everyone takes a 5 minute break. The Facilitator will play a 3-5 minute video, podcast, etc. in which students may opt to participate.
  • This will happen three times (for a total of three pomodoros), before everyone re-joins the group for a check-out.

NOTE: A pomodoro is considered a 30-minute block (25 minutes of work, 5 minute break). The general idea is that students work for about four pomodoros before taking a longer break of approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Thomas Frank: "My #1 Method for Stopping Procrastination"

For an overview of the Pomodoro technique, we recommend reviewing this video from 0:51 to 1:54.


We also acknowledge that some people's focus is shorter, others longer. There's no one way to focus on a task! The pomodoro-style study hall is a place to just get started. We hope you will join us.

Every week, we will host approximately six (6) LAC groups during which the first half-hour is coaching on particular topics or themes. Please note that all six sessions will host the same material. However, students are welcome and encouraged to attend multiple sessions in a week for review and/or the Pomodoro-style study hall that follows the coaching. 

Why? Learning how to learn takes time. This invites you to learn more about various learning strategies and techniques to take your learning to the next level while giving you the opportunity to practice and reflect with peers.

Questions? Please reach out to us at


Please contact us in advance of your attendance to let us know if we can make any accommodations to ensure your inclusion.

All LAC Groups are offered via Zoom, at this time. Live transcription will be available.


Learning and Accountability Coaching (LAC) Groups are offered via Zoom. Please make sure you're signed in with your Ryerson credentials, to avoid any challenges in connecting.

Need Zoom support? 

Visit Zoom's Help Center, external link or email using your Ryerson email address.

Cancellation Policy

All students are required to cancel their ticket through their Blackthorn confirmation email if they are unable to attend. This ensures you will not be put on the no-show list.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Every week, the coaching component has a different theme. Check it out the google docLAC Group Weekly Themes, external link, opens in new window before you arrive!

Attention Back in Business Program participants: Attending multiple LAC Groups in a single week will only count once toward the fulfillment of the Program requirements.