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Ted Rogers


The Centre currently has several active programs.

Undergraduate_Our Programs

The Ted Rogers Leadership Centre provides a range of opportunities for undergraduate students to learn, engage in discussion, and build skills related to leadership.

Opportunities for undergraduates include for example; occasional small-group workshops (such as "Teams & Leaders: Building Ethical Capacity"). And most other Leadership Centre events (including especially the Business Ethics Speakers Series) are open to undergraduates.

One of our key activities is partnering with the Top 200 Program on a twice-annual Leadership Summit for undergraduates. 

We are also a partner in the Top 200 Mentoring Program. As part of that program, each 4th-year student in the Top 200 Program is paired with a professional in the business community who provides advice, guidance, 'war stories' and encouragement.

"Leadership has an ethical core, and ethics means not just making good decisions, but leading others in making good decisions."
-- Chris MacDonald, Director

The Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Education and Research Program aims to better prepare Ryerson students for the Canadian marketplace by providing them with an enhanced appreciation of the values, attitudes and practices of ethical behaviour and leadership and and understanding of how to best apply these values to everyday business decision making and organizational practices.

The Pattison program is an extra-curricular (non-degree) program with two key elements: education, and research.

The Program offers ethical leadership workshops for undergraduate and graduate students and ethical leadership executive seminars for business managers and will support leadership research that will identify ethical leadership best practices.

The Program is led by Professor Chris MacDonald, an internationally recognized leader in the field of Business Ethics.

Core funding for the Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Education and Research Program was provided through a generous gift from Jim Pattison, founder and CEO of The Jim Pattison Group.

Dare to Lead Summit

Held on a Saturday at TRSM, brings together both theory and real business experiences through the involvement of business leaders from different sectors that present actual scenarios they have experienced.

Business Ethics Speakers' Series

The series takes a "big tent" approach to business ethics, featuring academic and non-academic speakers examining a wide range of issues related to ethics in the world of commerce and in institutional life more generally.


Top 200 Mentoring Program

Guides students in their quest for growth through learning from experienced executives. It addresses and supports the unique needs of Top 200 undergraduate student so as to help them develop leadership competencies, greater self awareness, and lasting insights into sound and ethical business practices.

Learn from Leaders Program

Students from the Top 200 program have the opportunity to learn from a panel of Executive Leaders about their real life success stories, including the challenges faced along the way. Students then have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A with the panel and networking to follow.