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Ted Rogers School
Ted Rogers
  • "The Right to Bear Corporations: Reframing the Corporation as a Technology for Lobbying"
  • "Ethical Leader as Ethics Coach"
  • "Crisis Management as Ethical Improvisation"
  • "Leadership and Critical Thinking -- Bibliography"
  • "Developing the Next Generation: Investigating Success Factors of Leadership Development Programs"


Although the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre is firmly rooted in Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Management, its activities reach far beyond Ryerson's walls.

A few recent examples:

Chris MacDonald, Director of the TRLC:

is an invited participant in the 15th Annual Forum on Ethical Leadership in the Financial Services, held in Palm Beach, Florida (January, 2015) is a key member of the Canadian 'mirror committee" for ISO PC278, the committee responsible for drafting a new international Anti-Bribery Management Systems Standard is founding co-editor of an innovative international journal, the Business Ethics Journal Review.

Brian Segal, Chair of the TRLC:

Recently served as Chair of the Selection Committee for the 2014 CEO of the Year award.

Hershell Ezrin, Senior Fellow:

Is a speaker at Digital Governance Forum: Defining Westminster in the Digital Age, hosted by the Institute on Governance (January, 2015)


The TRLC is also actively engaged in expanding its reach through the development of case studies and a series of online case studies as well as a number of engaging online learning modules.