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The items in this case archive have been developed by the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre and are free to download and use for educational purposes.


A compliance officer detects evidence of trouble brewing, but can she find enough evidence to convince the board before it all blows up?

Written By: Ilona Niemi
Case # 019-001
Keywords: Compliance Function/Process, Sales, Financial Services, Regulatory Technology, Global Business Compliance, Governance, Organizational Development


Pamela's Pickle

Pamela finds herself in a bit of a pickle when she is asked to be "flexible" with her financial projections.

Written By: Gail Cook Johnson
Case # 017-003
Keywords: integrated business planning; financial forecasting

A supplier's factory explodes prompting Sareh to investigate.  She finds more to consider than first met the eye.  

Written By: Chris MacDonald
Case # 017-002
Keywords: sweatshop labour; factory safety; risk management; supply chain; corporate social responsibility

Pamela's Pickle

During job interviews, people read more than just cover letters, resumés, and references.  

Written By: Hasko Von Kriegstein
Case # 017-001
Keywords: startup growth; human resources management; hiring; transparency; privacy; emotion recognition software


Lukas' new employee has great ideas for videogames with positive ethical themes, but may have done something dubious.  

Written By: Gail Cook Johnson
Case # 016-003
Keywords: videogames; sexism; doxing

Pamela's Pickle

Jackson finds himself having to juggle local customs, corporate policy, and the law.  

Written By: Gail Cook Johnson
Case # 016-002
Keywords: international business; local customs; bribery; kickbacks


The challenges that come with growing a small family-owned business are augmented by health & safety concerns.

Written By: Kyle Menken & Hasko Von Kriegstein
Case # 016-001
Keywords: family business; small business; restructuring; health and safety; workplace injury; nepotism

Pamela's Pickle

The stellar reputation of Winslet College & its athletes are threatened by an underage drinker and allegations of hazing.

Written By: Jessica Griffiths & Gail Cook Johnson
Case # 015-004
Keywords: sports; ethical leadership


David sees Albert as a shoe-in for CEO but learns of some disturbing allegations against him.

Written By: Gail Cook Johnson
Case # 015-003
Keywords: sexual harassment; news story; hospitality; ethical leadership

Pamela's Pickle

Ranjeet faces quality issues of imported materials, and has costs, deadlines, and a company reputation to consider.

Written By: Gail Cook Johnson & Grigor Edward Cook
Case # 015-002
Keywords: ethical leadership; quality assurance; international business


Passion for the theatre is not the only thing inflamed.  Drama happens offstage as old rivals clash.

Written By: Gail Cook Johnson
Case # 015-001
Keywords: ethical leadership; board governance; reporting; human resources management