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The items in this case archive have been developed by the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre and are free to download and use for educational purposes. The long-form cases, written on a variety of topics, generally run to five pages. Many include “twists”, which take the initial context to the next level. The teaching-method recommendations can be found at the end of the long-form cases.

To access the mini case study collection click here.

A compliance officer detects trouble brewing, but can she find enough evidence to convince the board before it all blows up?

Written by: Ilona Niemi, Ph.D., MPM
Case # 019-001
Keywords: compliance, sales, financial services, regulatory technology, global business compliance, governance


Pamela's Pickle

Pamela finds herself in a bit of a pickle when she is asked to be "flexible" with her financial projections

Written by: Gail Cook Johnson, Ph.D.
Case # 017-003
Keywords: integrated business planning, financial forecasting, ethical decision-making, marketing

A supplier's factory explodes prompting Sareh to investigate.  She finds more to consider than first met the eye 

Written by: Chris MacDonald, Ph.D.
Case # 017-002
Keywords: sweatshop labour, factory safety, risk management, supply chain, corporate social responsibility


When is it okay? Who does it hurt?
                                       THE TWIST

Relevance of Facebook Custom List Advertising chart

Dennis Richter discovers his colleagues practise a corrosive leadership style and smooth accounts to maximize performance

Written by: Gail Cook Johnson, Ph.D., Vasilina Demidovich, CPA, CA, ACC, CHPC
Case # 019-005
Keywords: accounting, income smoothing, materiality, finance

Pamela's Pickle

During job interviews, people read more than just cover letters, resumés, and references

Written by: Hasko Von Kriegstein, Ph.D.
Case # 017-001
Keywords: startup growth, human resources management, hiring, transparency, privacy, emotion recognition software

Lukas's new employee has great ideas for videogames with positive ethical themes, but may have done something dubious 

Written by: Gail Cook Johnson, Ph.D.
Case # 016-003
Keywords: videogames, sexism, human resources management, hiring,  doxing                                                    

A dozen huts alongside a river

Jackson finds himself having to juggle local customs, corporate policy, and the law 

Written by: Gail Cook Johnson, Ph.D.
Case # 016-004
Keywords: international business, local customs, bribery, kickbacks

A giant front yard of a persons house with bright green grass and giant bushes

The challenges that come with growing a small family-owned business are augmented by health & safety concerns.

Written by: Kyle Menken, M.A. and Hasko Von Kriegstein, Ph.D.
Case # 016-001
Keywords: family business, small business, restructuring, health and safety, workplace injury, nepotism

some female hockey players standing in a line ready to play

The stellar reputation of Winslet College and its athletes are threatened by an underage drinker and allegations of hazing.

Written By: Jessica Griffiths, B. Comm., Gail Cook Johnson, Ph.D.
Case # 015-004
Keywords: sports management, disciplinary decisions, student life, university administration


David sees Albert as a shoo-in for CEO, but learns of some disturbing allegations against him

Written by: Gail Cook Johnson, Ph.D.
Case # 015-003
Keywords: sexual harassment, publicity, hospitality, ethical leadership

Construction equipment and workers working to install a huge green pipe

Ranjeet faces quality issues of imported materials, and has costs, deadlines, and a company reputation to consider.

Written by: Gail Cook Johnson, Ph.D., Grigor Edward Cook, P.Eng.
Case # 015-002
Keywords: ethical leadership, quality assurance, international business

Fancy royal theatre with red curtains and a giant chandelier

Passion for the theatre is not the only thing inflamed. Drama happens offstage as old rivals clash

Written by: Gail Cook Johnson, Ph.D.
Case # 015-001
Keywords: ethical leadership, board governance, reporting, human resources management

A person using a door knocker to knock on a door

Sam Shore’s company needs capital. A venture capitalist is willing to invest, but it could mean a revision of company’s values.

Written by: Gail Cook Johnson, Ph.D.
Case # 019-006
Keywords: entrepreneurship, technology, organizational development, diversity, leadership, venture capital


When a Sales Leader Loses Perspective
                               THE TWIST

Evangeline sees the firm is in jeopardy unless organizational issues are addressed urgently. But her boss, is not paying attention

Written by: Kerry Mitchell, Media and Sales Executive, Gail Cook Johnson, Ph.D.
Case # 019-007
Key Words: sales, entrepreneurship, technology, brand development, finance, B Corp, Indigenous partnerships


A tough decisions ahead road sign


To assist instructors in creating optimal learning experiences, we have included ways they can ensure that students have read and come prepared to discuss their analysis in class. Steps include individual student preparation, in-class discussion, individual reflection as well as a marking rubric. Download the notes here.

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