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Quick In-Class Exercises in Leadership
The mini case studies can fit on a PowerPoint slide or be given to students as one page to read. They were developed to be processed in-class, over the course of an hour. Use of the minis helps students identify the problem, pinpoint possible solutions, and create holistic action plans.

To access the long-form case studies, click here.

Leadership among Friends: Untangling Competing interests
Keywords: employee relations, compensation management, situational leadership

Facing the Challenge: Caught Between HR and Difficult Workers
Keywords: employee relations, industrial relations, mental illness

Customer Disservice: A Chronically Late Employee Causes Cascading Problems
Keywords: employee relations, customer service, discipline, situational leadership

Stepping Up to Your Own Truth: The Consequences of Saying the Wrong Thing
Keywords: employee relations, diversity, workplace anxiety, crisis management, organizational development, situational leadership

Communicating Incentives to Others: Controlling Competitive Co-Workers
Keywords: employee relations, compensation, sales

Going Head to Head: Can You Trust Your Business Partner?
Keywords: entrepreneurship, eco-tourism, accounting, integrity

Repeat Offenders: When Stopping Crime Goes Awry
Keywords: employee relations, industrial relations, discipline, organizational culture

To Produce Yoga Pants in India vs Not to Produce Yoga Pants in India: Reconciling Social Responsibility with Corporate Reality
Keywords: supply chain, global development, marketing, eco-business, B-corporation

Who Do You Hire? Ensure Your Decision Is the Right One
Keywords: employee relations, recruitment, diversity, organizational development

Religious Accommodation: The Clash Between Faith and Workplace Needs
Keywords: employee relations, organizational development, diversity

Do Guests Always Call the Shots? When Customers Oppose Your Diversity Policy
Keywords: employee relations, customer service, crisis management, diversity

Love Lost in an Island Paradise: Avoiding a Disastrous Workplace Stoppage
Keywords: industrial relations, social responsibility, compensation, global development

What Did You Just See? Diagnosing Harassment 
Keywords: employee relations, harassment, software industry

Start of Season: Leadership Style Sets a Tone
Keywords: employee relations, discipline

Missing the Message: Organizational Culture and Boundaries at Work
Keywords: team relations, harassment, workplace culture

“Their” People: Competing with Racial Prejudice
Keywords: racial discrimination, bystander, hiring process, corporate culture

Leadership with Style:  
Keywords: employee relations, situational leadership

Leading in the Face of Skepticism: Managing Older Employees 
Keywords: employee relations, organization development, situational leadership

One for All: How to Prevent Co-Workers from Letting You Down
Keywords: teamwork, group projects

Impossible Targets: Managing an Unreasonable Manager
Keywords:  sales, target setting, supervisory relations, job fit

Gamers Address the Arab Spring: Coding for Cultural Sensitivity 
Keywords: global development, entrepreneurship, diversity



Think Big, Start Small and Move Fast


The mini case studies require no preparation on the part of students. The teaching method has been effectively used for classes up to 75 students. The attached teaching method provides a marking rubric and an in-class form that can be used with students to aid in-class analysis and discussion. Download the notes here.

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