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What is the Catalyst Community?

Our Community pages showcase a variety of resources such as publications, podcasts, blogs and videos from our Catalyst members.

We are working with The Creative School and community members to best determine how to support our graduate students, faculty and researchers. Our goal is to build an online community that is connected and supportive, just as The Catalyst has always been. 

During the COVID-19 closure

The Catalyst is developing online content. If you have any ideas for online events, talks or SRC initiatives - we can help! Please feel free to email Natalie Ramtahal at


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Katelyn O'Brien & Anna Lang's Podcast

Dear Professor

Dear Professor, learning online has been a challenging shift for all of us. This is our side of the story. This podcast is about the lives of two grad students who are living through a global pandemic on ZoomU. 

Dear Fellow Students, join us for tips, tricks and hacks that could help you along your journey through an online university, with the occasional anecdote.

Katelyn is a multidisciplinary creative in the MDM 8.0 program. In her spare time you can find Katelyn hunched over an art project, listening to music, petting dogs, or spending time with her loved ones. Katelyn is pictured on the right upside down in a plaid shirt.

(Katelyn's website:, external link, opens in new window)

Anna thrives on innovation and organization. This seems to always have her fingers in different projects and learning new skills. In her spare time she enjoys sewing and creating. Anna is pictured on the right in a black turtleneck.

(Anna's website:, external link, opens in new window)


Anna Lang (Black turtleneck) & Katelyn O'Brien (Plaid shirt)

Katelyn O'Brien and Anna Lang

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Advice for Emerging Researchers, with David Gauntlett & Valeria Duarte (2020)

Recording of a Zoom session in December 2020 where David Gauntlett offers advice, based on his own experiences, for those -- such as PhD students and early-career academics -- wanting to have an interesting and fruitful academic career.


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