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Faculty Portfolio

A girl in an orange suit dancing with a robot

Human-Robot Interactions in Dance

The Uncanny Robots Project

Michael F. Bergmann With Linda Zhang (Interior Design), Louis Laberge-Côté (Performance) & Belinda Mcguire, Performance In an attempt to blur the lines between performers, audiences, and technology, this project explores the possibilities of humanrobot interactions in dance performance. 

A black map of Toronto

Toronto on Film

Toronto Hides Itself Documentary Film & !Toronto Multi-screen Installation

Dave Kemp with Alexandra Anderson, Image Arts This creative, part-documentary partinstallation project explores Canada’s identity on film, focusing specifically on the City of Toronto. Toronto Hides Itslef documentary film and database by Alexandra uncovers how the City of Toronto acted as a stand-in for other cities. !Toronto is a multi-screen installation, produced by Dave, takes audiences on an immersive journey to visualize and understand the depiction of the City of Toronto on film.

A blonde boy looking through Virtual reality glasses

360º Video Storytelling

The Hong Kong 360 Series

Adrian Ma with Gary Gould, Joshua Cameron, Adam Chen

Using 360º video technology, this interactive multimedia journalism project explores the dynamic, complex, and visually stunning city of Hong Kong. The documentary episodes were captured over the past two summers, when Adrian led students from the Ryerson School of Journalism to Hong Kong to conduct street-level reporting.

A wide angle image of someones view of canoeing
Danielle Martin's garment designs

Window Display: Hand Work in Fashion

handDress in becoming

Danielle Martin, Fashion Inspired by her research, exploring the intersection of art, 3D printing technology, and fashion, Danielle created a window display exhibit that aims to emphasize the significance of handwork in the creative process of making a dress.

Kristopher smiling in a colourful shirt

Esports & Education

Kristopher Alexander, RTA School Of Media Assistant Professor Kristopher Alexander from the RTA School of Media has adopted unique practices that include: starting a YouTube vlog, hosting virtual interactive collaborations, outlining emerging opportunities for online creators and even, sharing video games that help keep his students (and himself!) active and positive. 

Fine art image in 3d

Fine Art in 3d

The Hidden Collection 

Ramona Pringle, RTA School of Media

 For centuries, fine art has been dominated by male artists, whose paintings depict masculine themes like war, famine, and the rugged earth. While male artists have become household names, their female counterparts have been overlooked. The Hidden Collection takes viewers into the vaults, to tell the stories of underrepresented artists throughout the ages, and how history would have turned out differently had their work and perspectives been given the attention they deserved. Ramona’s project presents paintings and other artworks in 3D to recreate the scenes envisioned and portrayed by women throughout the ages.

artifacts on tables with lights in a room

Architectural Heritage

The Erie Canal: The Story Of Water

Linda Zhang With Biko Mandela Gray (Collaboratory), Jimmy Tran (RU Library Collaboratory Consultant), Georgia Barrington (RA) & Amanda Liberty (RA), Interior Design This project uses cast clay vessels to explore the marginalized histories that made the Erie Canal possible, and the way peoples’ lives are shaped by the movement of water. The vessels, formed from 3D scans and deformed by water collected from the Erie Canal, act as recording devices that capture the movement and force of the Canal’s waters.

2 girls crocheting

Unlocking Creativity

Creativity Everything Lab

David Gauntlett With Rain Senra-Francois, Olivia Miller, Nicole Payette & Mary Kay Culpepper, Creative Industries David is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Creative Innovation and Learning. He founded the Creativity Everything lab to explore ways to unlock people’s creativity for individual self-expression, creative production, and social engagement. Creativity Everything ofers a new model of research in Canada, integrating the traditional processes and products of research with public outreach events, workshops, teaching innovation, and online engagements.