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Rubix 2020

FCAD RUBIX 2020 - Showcasing scholarly research and creative innovation



Welcome to RUBIX at FCAD. Every year, RUBIX brings together brilliant minds from across the fields of media, design, and creative industries to explore, innovate, and impact the world we live in.

RUBIX Online

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RUBIX is an annual publication and showcase event that celebrates the Scholarly, Research and Creative (SRC) activity within FCAD, Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication and Design at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

At the heart of the evolution of cultural industries, FCAD fosters groundbreaking work both nationally and internationally through research, experimentation, collaboration, and making.

This month's featured experiences

Ignite Talk: Reflecting on Scholarly, Research and Creative Activities in a pre- and post-pandemic world

In a predominantly remote working world, what does scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activities look like? What are the challenges and un/expected opportunities? Hear from Frauke Zeller, Jonathon Anderson, and Ramona Pringle-- directors of FCAD's creative ecosystem-- on how the pandemic as impacted SRC activities.

How is SRC in the creative and cultural industries evolving?

How is FCAD SRC preparing for the post-pandemic era?

How can we connect with FCAD's research network during the pandemic?



More Experiences to Discover and Explore

At the forefront of Digital Media research

Greg Elmer's Infoscape Research lab co-sponsors an exciting line-up of digital media related talks, in partnership with the Faculty of Information & Media Studies at Western University and the Algorithmic Media Observatory at Concordia University.

Tackling EDI in Sport Media

Get the full powerplay on this special edition of #SportTokzPod where hosts Dan Berlin, Joe Recupero and Laurel Walzak chats with Erik Denison, behavioural scientist at Monash University's Sport Inclusion Lab about their newly launched book, Sport Media Vectors.

Whose Chinatown?

In collaboration with Griffin Art Project (Vancouver), Linda Zhang's featured ChinaTOwn project is part of a series of live virtual tours, exhibition, and symposium on the rich, cultural heritage of Chinatown communities across Canada.



Audience Engagement



What factors influence or shape our media consumption experiences?


Projects in this theme focus on reimagining how audiences interact and engage in various contexts.


Guide to 360/VR Video Storytelling

360 Essentials: A guide to immersive video storytelling

Adrian Ma, Gary Gould and Joshua Cameron

School of Journalism


An essential training resource for 360/VR video production and filmmaking including ethics.


Video Games and Esports: Curriculum & Facilities

Esports @ Ryerson

Kristopher Alexander

RTA School of Media


A study that explores the connections between student video game and esports consumption habits, and their chosen path of study.


The Influence of Explanatory Journalism

Explanatory journalism in the time of a pandemic

Frauke Zeller, Charles Davis, Jessica Mudry, Sibo Chen, John Shiga, Robert Clapperton and Catherine Schryer

School of Professional Communication and RTA School of Media


An exploration of The Conversation Canada and influence and importance of academic explanatory journalism.


Reimagining Circus Performance with Robots

l'automate: Robotic Controlled Apparatuses for Circus Performance

Michael F Bergmann & Jonathon Anderson

School of Performance and School of Interior Design


Cross-disciplinary research into the use of industrial robot arms within performance.


Music Entrepreneurship

The Music Den: A framework for entrepreneurship education in a university start-up incubator

Noah Schwartz, Steven Ehrlick and Cormac McGee

RTA School of Media


The application of learning science principles to entrepreneurship education in a start-up incubator.


Open Educational Resource E-Books

Writing Open Educational Resource (OER) Textbooks with the Ryerson Library's Pressbooks

Richard Adams

School of Graphic Communications Management


How to create open source e-books using Pressbooks

Equity & Diversity



How do we reimagine a more equitable and inclusive society?


Projects in this theme explore topics in social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion for all groups.


Body Politics and Self-Fashioning

Sizing Up Gender: Intersectional Narratives of Fat and Gender through Fashion

Ben Barry, May Friedman and Calla Evans

School of Fashion


An examination of people’s experiences of both fat and gender through the visible and embodied medium of fashion.


Feminist Deconstruction of Popular Argentinian Song

“Alfonsina y el mar” by Mercedes Sosa as a Feminist Performance

Cintia Cristiá

RTA School of Media


A feminist deconstruction of a musical performance of “Alfonsina and the Sea” – a song written about Argentinian poet Alfonsina Storni.


BLM and Counter-Protests

All Of Us Dead

Henry Warwick

RTA School of Media


Video experimentation and social commentary inspired by BLM protesters.


The Future of Live Sport

Sport Media Vectors: Digitization, Expanding Audiences and the Globalization of Live Sport

Joe Recupero and Laurel Walzak

RTA School of Media


An edited collection of sport media writing from leading scholars in five continents.


BIPOC Fashion

The Fashion and Race Database

Kim Jenkins

School of Fashion


A comprehensive resource to help people learn about the intersections of fashion and race.


Reimagining Toronto's Chinatowns

Reimagining Chinatown: Speculative Fictions from Toronto’s Chinatown in 2050

Linda Zhang

School of Interior Design


Collective reimagination of spaces, architecture, and interior objects in Toronto's Chinatown(s) through community-led storytelling workshops.


Human Rights Activism During Pandemic

Trans Pandemics: COVID-19, HIV Activism, and Defunding Police

Marty Fink

School of Professional Communication


Connecting trans legacies of HIV pandemic activism to present-day movements in COVID-19 toward Black Lives Matter and defunding the police.


Co-creation and Community Engagement

Towards a Collaborative Future

Miranda Campbell

School of Creative Industries


A workshop series featuring collaborations with community members to reimagine co-creation, teaching, learning and community engagement.

New Social Narratives



How are people experiencing the global pandemic?


Projects in this theme explore issues relevant to our current time and how we can reimagine the future for all.


Impact of COVID-19 on Local News Media

COVID-19 Media Impact Map for Canada

April Lindgren

School of Journalism


A digital tool to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canadian media organizations.


The Cultural Dimensions of Parlour Music

Domestic Music-Making: From Parlour Music to Digital Sound

Cintia Cristiá and Irene Gammel

RTA School of Media


A multimodal exhibition on parlour music as a cultural artifact, exploring themes like motherhood, desire and frustration.


Creative Resilience

Creativity in and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

David Gauntlett, Mary Kay Culpepper, Valeria Duarte, Rain Senra-Francois, Mir Asoh

School of Creative Industries and the Creativity Everything lab


A connection and innovation project that explores how creative practitioners survived the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to prepare for the future.


The Truth About Journalists Today

After Fact (2020)

Ivor Shapiro and Lindsay Fitzgerald

School of Journalism


Making a feature-length film documentary film to mobilize findings from an international study of journalists’ professional identity and values.


A Close up on Grief, Loss and Truth

The Last Place You Look

James Nadler

RTA School of Media


A dramatic television series in development centered on the themes of loss and grief.


Canadian Sonar Communication

Audible Oceans

John Shiga

School of Professional Communication


An exploration of how sonar has shaped the way Canadians think about the underwater ocean environment.


Exploring Journalism in Practice and in Ideals

Journalistic Role Performance

Nicole Blanchett

School of Journalism


An international, comparative study looking for gaps between journalistic practice and ideals.

Placemaking & Urban Planning



How do people make sense of and engage with our surrounding environments?


Projects in this theme explore and tell the stories behind physical spaces.


Comparing Diverging Chinese and Canadian Wayfinding symbols

See You Toronto

Art Seto and Jessie Wen Han Cai

School of Graphic Communications Management


A Chinese-Canadian collaboration on a paper-engineered book to compare Chinese and Canadian semiotics


Documenting Radioactive Waste Cleanup

Future Mound

Blake Fitzpatrick

School of Image Arts


A multi-media documentation of the most expensive municipal radioactive waste cleanup in Canadian history.


Historicizing Haunted Houses

Ghost Storeys: The Haunted Houses of Architecture and Interior Design

Cameron Macdonell

School of Interior Design


A creative and scholarly exploration of the ghost as a manifestation of our anxieties around changes to the built environment.

Equitable and Inclusive Urban Media Environments

The Building as Screen: A History, Theory, and Practice of Massive Media

Dave Colangelo

School of Professional Communication


An exploration of massive media in creating equitable and inclusive urban media environments.


The Aftermath of Canadian-fueled Atomic Bombs

Talking Trees

Katy McCormick

School of Image Arts


A photographic series capturing the atomic bombed trees—still living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki—and the hope they offer future generations as a warning against nuclear weapons.


Natural Urban Environments and Well-being

Going Green in the City

Matthew Tiessen

School of Professional Communication


How can mobile technologies help us connect with natural urban environments in the city?


Diverse Perspectives of Collective Experiences

Art Walk Project

Pierre Tremblay

School of Image Arts


An immersive film capturing collective experiences of walking across 7 international cities.

User Experience Design



What are our relationships with our physical and virtual worlds?


Projects in this theme explore the ways we navigate, experience and make sense of the world and the things within it.


The Art of Stage Costume

Symbiosis in Costume: Two Bodies Make One

Caroline O'Brien

School of Performance


An examination of dance costume as co author in performance.


Fashion, Draping, 3D-printing and Creative Process


Danielle Martin

School of Fashion


An investigation into how 3D printed fashion methods can become more nuanced to improve the comfort of 3D-printed fashion.


Conceptualizing Reality in One Pixel

The One Pixel Camera

Dave Kemp

School of Image Arts


A conceptual project looking at the connection between the digital photographic image and the reality that the camera records.


The Environment, Packaging and Laundry Detergent

Which packaging is greener?: Liquid laundry detergent case study

Jonghun (Jay) Park

School of Graphic Communications Management


A comparison of the life cycle of multiple packaging formats for liquid laundry detergent.


Rethinking Peer Review Processes

Open Peer Review Podcast: Modeling podcasts’ function as pre-publication peer review

Lori Beckstead

RTA School of Media


A demonstration of ways a podcast might be used by scholars and researchers for peer-reviewed research output.


VR and Mental Health Disorders

VR and Scenario Technologies for Psychology Research

Richard Lachman, Julia Tomasi and Calvin Gaspar

RTA School of Media


Using VR scenarios to screen for anxiety disorders.


Accessible Retail Design

Do You See What I See: Visual Impairment and the Shopping Taskscape

Sandra Tullio-Pow, Hong Yu & Megan Strickfaden

School of Fashion


An ethnographic study exploring wayfinding challenges of shoppers with visual impairment.

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This year, we took RUBIX international.

We asked some of our international partners for their thoughts on what the future of  scholarly, research, and creative activity (SRC) is.

Take a look at what they shared.

Kingsley Ng, Hong Kong Baptist University

Swaran Sandhu, Stuttgart Media University

Dirk Reynders, Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Lizzie Jackson, London South Bank University



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