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Devoted to innovation in storytelling, music, fashion, design, and maker culture, The Creative Innovation Studio supports forward-looking creators leveraging new technologies and working within and across media, to develop new ways of engaging with audiences and customers, and advance the cultural sector through the convergence of diverse practices and methodologies.

The Creative Innovation Studio offers boundary-pushing creators unparalleled resources, including mentorship, studio space, access to cutting edge technology, and a supportive, inclusive community of dreamers and imaginative do-ers, connecting emerging and established media makers, artists, technologists, entrepreneurs, researchers and academics, in a collaborative environment devoted to creative exploration, cross-disciplinary innovation, and excellence.

With a brand new flagship building in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Creative Innovation Studio is home to four incubators serving the creative industries (the “Zones"), open studio space for collaboration and fabrication, a showcase for emerging talent and experiential design pop ups, and a digital hub devoted to 21st century international co-creation.


An ecosystem for creative innovation experimentation and entrepreneurial development through interdisciplinary creation.


Who We Are

Our Team

Ramona Pringle
Ramona Pringle

Director of The Creative Innovation Studio

Darcie Watson
Darcie Watson

Director of The Design Fabrication Zone & The Open Space

Robert Ott
Robert Ott

Director of The Fashion Zone

Emilia Zboralsk
Emilia Zboralska

Director of The Transmedia Zone & HQ

Steve Ehrlick
Steven Ehrlick

Director of The Music Den

Sarah Shelson
Sarah Shelson

Manager of The Creative Innovation Studio

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