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Welcome to the Creative Innovation Studio, a community of innovators advancing the creative industries.

At our core, we are creative, cross-disciplinary, collaborative and forward-looking. Through curricular and co-curricular opportunities, we have supported over 3,000 students in developing entrepreneurial skills, growing businesses, co-creating internationally and iterating on innovative projects and events.

See all the ways students can join & participate in The Studio below, including as Zone members.

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Are you a Ryerson student interested in an experiential learning opportunity to grow your entrepreneurial, creative and professional skills outside the classroom? Join the Creative Innovation Studio community through one of our student memberships! 

We have matching memberships that connect students with a position on an incubated team from one of our Zones and ideation memberships to help students who are in the early stages of development on an idea.

Student members have access to programming across the Studio and our 4 Zone incubators as well as exclusive student-focused programming and mentorship. Students get to grow their networks by meeting our incubated entrepreneurs, artists & creators, our experienced staff and other students from across the university.

Students can apply to join a specific Zone through our 3 student membership options: Recovery and Development (R&D). Associate, and Fellow.

A student membership will include a course credit in CEDZ100 for a 4-month term.

Applications for Winter 2021 are now open. Applications are due January 21, 2021.

The Recovery and Development (R&D) membership is for students looking to radically design new ideas, projects, experiences and businesses, focused on the theme of creative recovery. This is an 8-week program.


Associates are  matched with part-time paid and/or for course credit internship positions with teams at the Studio for a maximum of four months. Teams include start-ups and creative projects.


Fellows are students volunteering with our media, design fabrication or music teams for a maximum of 8 hours/month for a maximum of four months.

Membership Highlights

Student Services

Gain real-world experiences first hand

Gain hands-on experience by either working with a Zone start-up or creative project or building your own start-up at the Creative Innovation Studio

Members working together at the HQ

Meet like-minded entrepreneurs and students

Join one of Canada’s largest entrepreneurial community and work with like-minded people and other students

Students working at the Global Campus Studio

Access mentorship

Receive mentorship from matched teams and experts from the industry

Engage with entrepreneurial and creative programming

Engage in Studio programming to develop skills, learn about innovative topics, and network

Work on curricular projects in The Open Space

Access support from Studio Staff

Access support and guidance from Studio staff that come from a range of industries and disciplines within innovation

Build your portfolio

Leverage Studio resources to build your own start-up or build your portfolio/resume

Education application

Receive hours

Receive internship or curricular required hours

The Zones

We have 4 different incubators that accept associates and apprentices. Learn about each of them!