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Recovery & Development (R&D)

The Recovery and Development (R&D) membership is for students looking to radically design new ideas and businesses, focused on the theme of creative recovery.

Applications for Winter 2021 are now open until January 21, 2021.

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About the Program

Unlike our traditional zone member application, the Recovery and Development (R&D) program is  for fresh ideas that have yet to be developed. We’re looking for eager, enthusiastic students who have an idea that addresses an area of our 12 Pillars of Recovery.

No need for prototypes or existing seed funding - in this cohort we will take students through the process of turning a meaningful idea into a major project, pitch, company or product. With access to the full Recovery Cohort, external link programming, you’ll advance your intentions while working through your projects. Focusing on development and cross-discipline feedback, you will gain support from conceptual to prototype with the help of mentors, zone members and your peers. 

  • Aid students in the concept development and creative thinking that will take them from the napkin stage to a proposal that would be ready for Zone applications
  • Amplify the voices, ideas and creative work of a cohort of students 
  • Discuss themes within the 12 Pillars of Recovery in greater depth

How it Works

Students are invited to apply as individuals or groups of 3 - 5 people. Ideas will be selected based on the passion, drive and innovation demonstrated in their idea and application. Please see this link to explore the application. 

Programming Structure

Students will have access to all talks, panels and workshops in the general Recovery Cohort programming. In addition to this optional content, R&D students will be required to participate in weekly dynamic programming from our Zone managers to help transform and develop their ideas as well as peer-to-peer focus sessions. Working alongside students with different areas of expertise, you’ll learn just as much from each other as you will from our programming. 

With help from our Marketing Team, students will get a unique opportunity to share their stories and discuss the work that they’re creating on a public platform. We’re looking to elevate your work so we can collectively tackle the most pressing issues of 2020.

12 Pillars of Recovery


Remote Life 


Racial and Social Justice Fostering Community Remotely Aiding Our Healthcare System
Returning Women to the Workforce

Remote Education

Financial and Economic Recovery

Information Integrity

Remote Work 

Environmental Activism


The New Work / Life Balance New Production Pipelines