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Our Programs

At the core, our people are creative, cross-disciplinary, collaborative and forward-looking

The Studio consists of 4 incubator programs, and various communities and spaces affiliated with our membership. Each incubator program provides different resources and benefits, membership models, and application processes and timelines.


The Recovery Cohort

The Recovery Cohort is an exciting, one-time incubator and accelerator program, designed to support creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and students in reimagining and reshaping the future of the creative industries, and contributing to the post-pandemic rebuild of the creative sectors.

Our Zones

Design Fabrication Zone

Known for helping startups and project teams apply best practices in design, the Design Fabrication Zone at Ryerson University strategically propels early-stage inventions, businesses and installations through the stages from concept to prototype and mass manufacturing.

Fashion Zone

As Canada's fastest-growing incubator for fashion-inspired businesses, the Fashion Zone empowers creators who are redefining fashion; entrepreneurs and innovators who seek to create experiences that move people to feel something different, something fresh, something new.

Music Den

The Music Den develops economic, artistic and social opportunities for entrepreneurs in music, helping startups design sustainable long term strategies while giving them access to educational workshops, coworking space, studios and equipment, showcase opportunities, and a unique network of students, entrepreneurs and industry professionals. 

Transmedia Zone

The future of storytelling is here. At the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and technology, the Transmedia Zone is an incubator for innovation and creative experimentation in media and storytelling, with a focus on creative excellence, and emerging platforms, trends and processes.

Our Communities

Creative Technology Lab

About the CTL

The Creative Technology Lab (CTL) is an advanced technology-based workshop that supports creative research, specialized curriculum, and entrepreneurship activities across all nine FCAD Schools and Ryerson Zones. Creative Technology Lab looks to disrupt and revolutionize the use of technology within the creative fields by leveraging digital fabrication, 3D printing, textile computing, AR/VR, and robotics.


  • Creative Technology Lab is a 7,000 square foot facility located on level B in Ryerson's new Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex.
  • It features: CNC equipment, 3D Printing + Knitting, Robots, Woodworking, and Metalworking
  • Creative Technology Skill-Building through workshops, seminars and collaborative projects

How to Get Involved

For General Inquiry + Project Application email:

The Catalyst

About the Catalyst

The Catalyst is the first large-scale space dedicated to scholarly, research, and creative (SRC) activities within Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication and Design. The Catalyst brings brilliant minds together from across the creative industries to explore, innovate, and impact the world we live in.


  • Space to work, meet and gather in
  • Grant writing, technology and other guidance to enhance your SRC
  • After-hours event space
  • Cross-promotion of SRC events
  • A cross-disciplinary research community

How to Get Involved

  • You need space or resources to enhance your SRC agenda. 
  • You have an idea for a Summer Institute. 
  • You have an idea or suggestion to share. 
  • You want to organize a conference or reception.


Zone Learning

Zone Learning is for anyone who wants to get practical experience in what it takes to build an initiative/venture from the ground-up. You can initiate your own projects or contribute to existing ventures involving faculty, business and community partners.



Members develop valuable skills through workshops and bootcamps, add to resumes or portfolios with real-world experience that employers look for, or even graduate with their own startups. Participants in Zone Learning work at the forefront of emerging markets to develop new products, explore innovative solutions, or embark on ventures to change the world.

Global Campus Studio

About the GCS

The Global Campus Studio (GCS) is a virtual hub for creative international collaboration and co-creation, offering a wide range of interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students.

Leveraging FCAD’s impressive roster of international partners, the Global Campus Studio gives students the opportunity to participate in hands-on development and production with students from around the world to create boundary-pushing work that culminates from the bringing-together of international perspectives and diverse skill-sets.


  • Creative labs with a studio-based approach for hands-on development experience
  • Mentors from the Creative Innovation Studio
  • Master Classes which bring in lecturers and field experts in creative entrepreneurship and design thinking
  • Gain vital 21st-century skills: entrepreneurship, design thinking, communication, collaboration
  • An impressive addition to your resume that ensures you stand-out to future employers
  • Exclusive opportunities to participate in additional workshops, international networking, as well as, panels & lectures presented through the Global Campus Studio Talks
  • One open elective credit

How to Get Involved

Students can sign up for a FCD816 Global Campus Studio Supercourse.

Find more information here, opens in new window


The Children's Media Lab

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About the Children's Media Lab

The Children’s Media Lab supports students, graduates and members of the children’s content creation industry in shaping the future of children’s content. Our overall mission is to bridge the gap between academia/research and the kids content industry so that the best and most relevant content for kids can be created.


  • Research: The Children’s Media Lab participates in and leads research that is relevant to today’s content creators. We collaborate with academics both at Ryerson and around the world, as well as the children’s media industry. In 2018, we led the Canadian data collection of an international content analysis of children’s television, investigating the representation of various demographics such as gender, age, socioeconomic status, body shape, and more.
  • Mentoring: The leaders of the Children’s Media Lab provide one-on-one mentorship to select Transmedia Zone members as they develop and incubate innovative projects related to children’s content  across a range of platforms including traditional media and advanced technologies such as virtual/augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Projects are selected from Ryerson students, graduates, and people working in or wanting to get into the kids media industry.

How to Get Involved

Contact Kim Wilson, opens in new window